Build Next-Generation Medical Devices

Build the next generation of AI-enabled, software-defined medical devices on the NVIDIA Clara Holoscan MGX platform. Based on the Clara Holoscan developer kits, MGX provides a production hardware and software platform optimized for low-latency, real-time healthcare AI and imaging applications at the clinical edge.  Choose from a variety of I/O options, add custom application code, and certify with your existing processes.

Accelerate Time to Market for Software-Defined Medical Devices

Medical Grade

Medical Grade

Designed for medical certification (IEC 60601, 62304)



Latest in embedded device security, remote provisioning, and management

Production Ready

Production Ready

Customizable white-label platform and reference design to give instant AI capability to medical devices

Long-Term Support

Long Term Support

Ten years of hardware and software support to ensure product longevity

Integrated Platform for Medical Device Deployment

Clara Holoscan MGX is the embedded computing platform that supports medical device development from clinical trials to commercial deployment. Develop with the Clara Holoscan SDK and Clara Developer Kits, then deploy the medical-grade MGX software stack and hardware platform to deliver AI to the medical edge.

Clara Holoscan Full Stack

MGX Hardware

The NVIDIA Clara Holoscan MGX platform is built with a high-performance NVIDIA AGX Orin module, a safety, security and management module, extensive input/output (IO), and expansion slots available for PCIe. This high-performance platform is optimized for low-latency, real-time applications, making it the ideal solution for deploying the next generation of software-defined medical devices. MGX will come with long-life NVIDIA hardware components and documentation to support IEC 60601 certification.

Coming in 2023.

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NVIDIA Clara Holoscan MGX Platform
Embedded Computing Platform

MGX Software

NVIDIA will provide 10-year long-term support for the MGX software stack, as well as documentation to support IEC 62304 certification. The core of the MGX stack includes a Linux board support package for the MGX hardware, drivers for supported IO devices, NVIDIA’s AI inference and acceleration libraries, and reference applications. Customer-specific software components and applications can be added at the top of the MGX core stack.

MGX will also include a board management controller (BMC) and software stack for remote system management and software updates, a secure boot controller that provides external root of trust, and a dedicated safety monitor which supports a real-time operating system (RTOS) and built-in safety monitoring software. Custom safety monitoring applications can be added that are tailored to specific needs. 

Build AI for Medical Devices

Build new AI capabilities and increase the productivity of research and development teams with NVIDIA Clara Holoscan. Clara Holoscan is a hybrid computing platform for medical devices that combines the hardware systems, optimized libraries, SDKs, and core microservices needed to develop and run end-to-end streaming and imaging applications anywhere, from embedded to edge to cloud.

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