Cyberpunk 2077, Minecraft with RTX, and 4 New Games Add NVIDIA DLSS This December

GeForce RTX GPUs feature Tensor Cores, dedicated AI processors that power revolutionary technologies such as NVIDIA DLSS, which greatly accelerates frame rates. With faster performance you can enjoy smoother gameplay, or reinvest those frames in higher detail levels, higher rendering resolutions, and higher ray tracing settings, giving you the most immersive experience possible.

Following the addition of DLSS to over a dozen titles in October and November, we’re today announcing DLSS is coming for another five titles, increasing frame rates by 40% or more. And on the 10th, Cyberpunk 2077 joins the party with DLSS and a raft of ray-traced effects.

Minecraft with RTX For Windows 10

Minecraft with RTX is now out of beta and officially released for Windows 10, introducing stunning path-traced ray tracing and NVIDIA DLSS to the world’s most popular game.


You can get complete details about the tech and the free ray-traced worlds you can explore in our dedicated article, but here’s the summarized lowdown on DLSS in this glorious game: DLSS can more than double your frame rate!

With the power of DLSS and the NVIDIA Ampere Architecture, Minecraft with RTX can be enjoyed at its very best.

Cyberpunk 2077

Cyberpunk 2077, the year’s most anticipated game, launches on December 10th with NVIDIA DLSS and several ray-traced effects that enhance image quality, immersion and realism.


Using DLSS, frame rates can be accelerated by 60% or more, depending on your resolution, settings, and system configuration:

For further info on the game’s tech head to our Cyberpunk 2077 launch article, and click below to watch our stunning ray-traced and DLSS-enhanced launch trailer:


Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord

TaleWorlds Entertainment’s popular medieval combat simulator and role-playing game enables players to explore, raid, and conquer their way across the vast continent of Calradia, making friends and enemies along the way. Millions of gamers have already played Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord, and the Early Access title is continually receiving enhancements, content updates, and new features, contributing to its excellent user reviews.

And with the release of a new update coming this month, Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord will feature NVIDIA DLSS, accelerating performance by up to 50% at 4K, allowing gamers to hit 60+ FPS across all GeForce RTX GPUs:

DLSS will be especially beneficial in the game’s massive, performance-intensive multiplayer battles, which feature siege engines, cavalry, and full on castle assaults. As such, we recommend all GeForce RTX gamers enable DLSS for the best possible Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord experience.


Darkflow Software’s CRSED: F.O.A.D. (formerly Cuisine Royale) is a free to play multiplayer last-man-standing shooter with realistic weaponry, mystic traps and demonic rituals, that’s been entertaining millions of gamers since its release a year ago.

In an update released last week, CRSED: F.O.A.D. added NVIDIA DLSS support, boosting performance by up to 40% at 4K, allowing gamers to hit 90+ FPS across all GeForce RTX GPUs:

Check out DLSS in action in our new video below:



Midwinter Entertainment’s Scavengers is a free-to-play strategic shooter where players form squads of three to fight for survival and dominance in a hybrid of sandbox-style PVE and class-based PVP. Choose from a roster of adaptive Explorers, arm yourself with a combination of unique abilities and weapons, and conquer the challenges of a hostile wasteland.

The game is currently running tech tests and has recently added DLSS, which on average can boost performance by up to 40% at 4K, allowing gamers to hit 60+ FPS across all GeForce RTX 30 Series GPUs:

To see DLSS in action in Scavengers, check out our new video:


Scavengers officially launches in the first half of 2021. To experience it for yourself, sign up for future playtests on the game’s website.

Moonlight Blade

Moonlight Blade is a fantasy martial arts MMORPG adapted from the work of prestigious fiction writer Mr. Gu Long. The game is one of China’s most successful MMORPGs, with millions of players logging on each day, and in October Moonlight Blade introduced support for real-time ray-traced global illumination lighting and ambient occlusion shadowing:


Now, Moonlight Blade has added support for NVIDIA DLSS, which can more than double your framerate at 4K with ray tracing and DLSS on, allowing gamers to hit 60+ FPS across all GeForce RTX GPUs:

As Always, There’s More To Come

Today’s featured titles join the ever-growing list of games enhanced with NVIDIA technology, and more are waiting in the wings to be announced and released in the coming weeks and months.

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