Digital Artist Series Part Two — See How World’s Best Creators Use RTX To Capture The Future Of Gaming

We continue our Digital Artist Focus Series with three extremely talented creators who are pushing virtual photography to new limits in their respective approaches. In our last installment of this series we had the pleasure of seeing wonderfully intimate gaming moments captured within Cyberpunk 2077, Mass Effect Andromeda, Outriders, and more. This article will focus on three different creators with their own unique style of capturing the best visual moments developers have designed with RTX enabled.

Andre Revolution

Andre captures hyper realistic moments in the highest fidelity. His work blurs the lines between gaming and real life with a strong drive to create in such a way that his audience is unable to differentiate. When Andre was asked what specifically fuels his craft, he replied, “I have this passion of trying to make the ones who did it see it, being noticed by them is the ultimate goal -- it’s a love letter to the devs.” 

His sheer talent in capturing a perfectly detailed high resolution gaming moment has not gone unnoticed, amassing close to 12,000 followers on instagram and counting, Andre has built a community for gamers to revel in the beauty of modern game design.

When the discussion turned towards the utility of RTX in his craft, Andre said:

“RTX makes all the world and objects created by developers really shine, they pop because they act like in the real world, no more glowing or floating objects. RTX is one more step closer to reality, and a big one.”

Check out Andre Revolution’s epic trailer for Fortnite with RTX ON below:


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With a passion for gaming since the late 80’s, Chris177uk, also known as Chris, customized and built his own PCs for many years before picking up his passion for virtual photography in 2017. Starting with the game Battlefield as well as the support of the community at EA Gaming Discord, Chris sharpened his skills in no time before becoming an influential creator and curator.

Chris’s technique of up close shooting brings the heightened emotion of the moment to the forefront. This style of photography works hand in hand with RTX technology, Chris noted:

“With the inclusion of Ray tracing technology to video games, it really brings their worlds to life. Showing these effects in real time adds something different and not offered before. Whether it be global illumination, shadows, or reflections, they are a joy to witness. I feel RTX technology really shines with the releases of Control, Cyberpunk, and Watch Dogs Legion. All this coupled with the magic of DLSS, being able to gain valuable FPS while getting the same image quality. RTX technology is simply amazing.“

At first this dramatic action shot from Modern Warfare looks like it is straight out of a Time magazine feature with backlighting playing across the face of the character.

This portrait shot from Control shows lifelike facial features as well as shadowing. The way the light interacts with the character’s coat and furled brow highlights the magic of ray tracing.

Finally, the reflections from this moment in Death Stranding may inspire you to get a print and frame it:

Instagram: @chris177uk
Flickr: :


Straight out of São Paulo, Brazil -- graphic designer and freelance photographer Leonardo Sang, or Leopardsang, founded the experimental virtual photography project VRP in 2011. When NVIDIA launched Ansel in 2016, Leonardo used the tool to create works featured at Screen Knowledges, LA (2018), Virtual Worlds, London (2019) and “Videojuegos. Los dos lados de la pantalla”, in Madrid (2019).

When asked what drives his work in the digital arts, Leonardo replied “My main goal is to create familiar and everyday-pictures using video games. Photos that most people can relate to, whether it’s in close-to-life places like Los Santos or the past in Kingdom Come’s 15th Century Bohemia.” The application of real life photography techniques within his virtual art portfolio is obvious, and incredibly effective. 

To capture every minute detail from the game, RTX is key, Leonardo mentioned:

“RTX adds even more familiar elements to the picture... Having light physics behave how they do in real life is an underestimated detail that brings a lot of immersion, combined with all the other technologically advanced render techniques we have today.”

This hallway shot from Control not only has incredible symmetry juxtaposed by the light of a wall mounted flat screen, it shows the realism ray tracing brings to a setting as basic as an indoor shot alongside the shadowing apparent in the textured ceiling:

The mountainside castle, realistic clouds, and cruising WWII-era fighter captured from Microsoft Flight Simulator would inspire an impassioned toast from a resurrected Ansel Adams:

Leonardo brings Minecraft to life with this incredible example of color merging and shadowing from ray tracing:

From VRP to his personal portfolio, the works of Leonardo Sang are nothing short of extraordinary, see for yourself below:

Instagram: @leopardsang

Announcing: Digital Artist Focus Series Part Three

Our final installment of NVIDIA’s Digital Artist Focus Series is up next with four creators from around the globe. Learn more about RTX technology here to see even more benefits of ray tracing and DLSS. From the cinematic curation of Jack1_1Hammer’s Fabled Words with RTX trailer to Skall’s Battlefield landscapes -- fans of modern gaming photography are in for a treat. Stay tuned!

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