Dying Light 2 Stay Human With NVIDIA DLSS and Ray Tracing Out Now

The original Dying Light was a technical tour de force, and the long awaited sequel that’s available now is no different, boasting multiple ray tracing effects that enhance its massive open areas, and NVIDIA DLSS, giving GeForce RTX gamers the definitive experience.

Dying Light 2 Stay Human takes us to one of the last surviving cities, 15 years after the mutant outbreak in Harran. As Aiden, an especially-gifted outsider, you’ll have to navigate across the streets and rooftops dodging and fighting bandits and special infected, helping Survivors and Peacekeepers, until circumstances force you to take a side, irrevocably changing the lives of everyone.

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Dying Light 2 Stay Human PC Ray Tracing

If you’ve got a GeForce RTX graphics card, desktop or laptop, or are playing on GeForce NOW, you can amp up your Dying Light 2 Stay Human experience with five DirectX 12 Ultimate ray-traced effects that further enhance the graphics of Techland’s new title.

Ray-Traced Global Illumination

Electricity is a scarce commodity, and as such is reserved for life saving UV lights that keep infection and the beasties at bay. That makes the sun and moon the primary light sources in Dying Light 2 Stay Human, and with ray tracing the quality of the illumination they offer can be improved.


Outdoors locations are more accurately illuminated, with colored lighting bouncing and naturally changing the appearance of the terrain and objects. And indoor areas are realistically illuminated and darkened by the presence and absence of light, respectively, to the extent that your flashlight becomes absolutely necessary, ramping up the tension, and the horror when you get jumped by a hidden special infected.


With ray tracing, Dying Light 2 Stay Human’s global illumination is greatly refined, giving GeForce RTX players a more natural, more realistic graphical presentation that immerses you in the action.

Ray-Traced Sun Shadows

Dying Light 2 Stay Human’s sun and moonlight is used to cast dynamic shadows from all game elements. By enabling ray tracing, the quality of these shadows are improved, giving players realistic contact hardening and softening, and greater shadow detail. Shadow aliasing is eliminated, shadow draw distance is increased, and overall everything looks better.


Ray-Traced Reflections

Enabling ray-traced reflections enhances almost all of Dying Light 2 Stay Human’s metallic and glass surfaces with improved reflectivity that dynamically affects their appearance based on the time of day and actions occurring in the world around them.

With much of the world in ruins, pixel-perfect mirror-like reflections aren’t on the cards, though you can see geometry and Aiden’s model reflected on surviving, albeit filthy windows.


Mainly, ray-traced reflectivity makes decayed metal surfaces far more realistic, with visuals that match their surroundings, further refining graphics for a more immersive experience. Natural lighting, a subtle sheen, a smidge of reflectivity; it all helps when crafting a realistic world for players to explore for 80 hours or more.


Ray-Traced Ambient Occlusion

Ambient occlusion is an important if often overlooked effect, adding natural shadowing between where light is occluded, between objects and where objects intersect with a surface, for instance. With ray tracing, the quality of the effect can be greatly improved, once again refining the image.


In a massive city, ray-traced ambient occlusion is visible in every scene, enhancing visuals every second. Whether around a vehicle, on a bush, or on a character’s clothing, this ray-traced effect makes a massive difference to the quality of the image.


Ray-Traced Flashlight

Almost every videogame flashlight illuminates a small cone exclusively where the player looks. In reality, much of a room is illuminated to some degree, and intensely bright rays from the flashlight’s main beam bounce whenever they strike a surface, adding extra illumination.

Using ray tracing, reality can now be recreated, adding a transformative effect to Dying Light 2 Stay Human that illuminates entire rooms, helping you spot lurking enemies and approaching foes.


Click here for a fullscreen comparison

Quickly survey entire areas using your full field of view, and get the upper hand on the dastardly enemies of Dying Light 2 Stay Human.

Altogether, the five ray tracing options deliver a massive boost to Dying Light 2 Stay Human’s graphics, giving GeForce RTX gamers the ultimate experience.

NVIDIA DLSS: Accelerate Dying Light 2 Stay Human Frame Rates By Up To 2x

Maxing out Dying Light 2 Stay Human’s graphics, cranking the resolution, and enabling all that ray-traced goodness will tax even the best system. Which is why Techland are launching Dying Light 2 Stay Human with full support for NVIDIA DLSS, enabling GeForce RTX gamers to more than double frame rates.

With NVIDIA DLSS, you get the highest levels of image quality without sacrificing performance. For example, DLSS can add better-than-native reconstruction on thin objects with fine lines. For instance, note the reconstruction of the chain link fence and how DLSS restores the fine details in our example below.

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Dying Light 2 Stay Human Get The Ultimate Experience With GeForce RTX

Thanks to NVIDIA DLSS and the power of GeForce RTX graphics cards, desktops and laptops, GeForce gamers will receive the definitive Dying Light 2 Stay Human. Parkour across the city in the hopes of saving our humanity, and the human race, without skipping a beat, enhanced by breathtaking ray tracing effects.

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