Introducing The GeForce RTX Keyboard Keycap

By Brandon Ewing on February 14, 2022 | Featured Stories Community Contests GeForce RTX GPUs

It’s time to bring the magic of RTX technology… to your keyboard!

Show off your GeForce fandom with our brand new brushed aluminum GeForce RTX keycap.

How To Get A GeForce RTX Keycap

Our newest gaming accessory is a celebration of GeForce RTX, made exclusively for our community. Throughout the Spring and early Summer, we’ll be rewarding fans of GeForce gaming worldwide. So keep an eye on our Social Media channels (Twitter, Facebook, Instagram) for plenty of spot rewards and chances to win.

We’ll be looking for anyone who has a passion for games, graphics, and technology in our replies, and maybe we’ll send you a DM rewarding you with your very own limited edition GeForce RTX keycap!

New Community Portal Available Now

You can now find and follow all of our GeForce social awesomeness from one page, the new GeForce Community Portal. We’ve also got hi-res community kit screenshots for the latest GeForce #RTXON games, GIFs to liven up your social posts, links to amazing GeForce Garage custom PC builds, and more.

So head on over to the Community Portal to see what’s available, and be sure to bookmark the page for all the future goodness we intend to add.