Minecraft with RTX Build Challenge: Three RTX ON Masterpieces From Minecraft’s Very Best

The final round of the Minecraft with RTX Build Challenge on Windows 10 has come to a close with the completion of the third and final build, Grian & Pearl’s ”Mega Base”.

This series has featured collaborations from the world’s top Minecrafters and build teams as they harness the power and performance of GeForce RTX 30 Series Laptops to construct their very best possible Minecraft masterpieces in less than two weeks.

From the elite graphics, realistic light dispersion, and stunning color merging of ray tracing to the absolutely smooth optimized gameplay forged by DLSS—this build series showcases how the world's most popular game is best played with RTX ON.

The Final Round: Grian & Pearl’s “Mega Base”

HermitCraft stars and expert builders, Grian and Pearl, have teamed up to fashion the incredibly ornate “Mega Base”. Built upon the hillside of a mountainous island, this elaborate build features a walled off city which sits below a colossal fortress with soaring towers complete with detailed spires. From the arched walkways to the build team’s unique texture packs, it is phenomenal that this level of fine detail could be accomplished in just under two weeks.

Watch Grian and Pearl break ground on construction of their world class “Mega Base” below:


For magnificent examples of the power of ray tracing, watch Grian and Pearl’s detailing phase as they add lighting and custom textures to summon RTX magic for their “Mega Base”:


Watch Grian and Pearl’s entire building process in this jaw-dropping timelapse:


Series 2 Revisited: Aliens & The Ancients Collide In “Alien Tech World”

Legendary Minecraft build team Blockworks combined ancient architecture with alien technology for this island hybrid fortress consisting of Grecian rotundas and pantheons nestled under otherworldly technology. This round of the series is a brilliant exhibition of the RTX ON experience with its use of ancient styled structure as a canvas for the extraordinarily vivid alien lighting as color merges, refracts, and casts shadows on rounded archways and textured walls.

Watch Blockworks utilize the lifelike nature of ray tracing with this construction timelapse of “Alien Tech World”:


Series 1 Revisited: Bdubs Builds A Medieval Cyberpunk World

The Minecraft with RTX build challenge series kicked off with build hero Bdoubleo100 as he teamed up with Cyclone Designs to create an unbelievably innovative medieval cyberpunk work of genius. One could get lost in Bdub’s insanely massive yet detailed world. This round tremendously demonstrates the benefits of crafting with RTX ON as colorful lighting reflects and disperses over uniquely textured walls, porous walkways, and cobblestone streets.

Watch Bdoubleo100 break ground to the series below:


Watch Bdoubleo100 get into his detailing phase before an astounding demonstration on color merging:


Watch Bdoubleo100 lay down his finishing touches before wandering the awe inspiring streets and walkways of this build below:


Watch the miraculous timelapse of Bdoubleo100 and Cyclone Designs’s collaborative treasure:


Powered By NVIDIA GeForce RTX 30 Series Laptops

Interested in following in the footsteps of these crafty giants? Each world leveraged a new GeForce RTX 30 Series Laptop with RTX ON.

What makes these the best choice for pro gamers on the go? GeForce RTX 30 Series laptops are constructed with NVIDIA’s 2nd generation RTX architecture—Ampere. With new RT Cores, Tensor Cores, and streaming multiprocessors, you can enjoy the absolute best of ray-traced graphics and revolutionary AI features for world-class performance, anywhere.

We hope you enjoyed the mind blowing constructions of GeForce’s Minecraft with RTX On Windows 10 Build Challenge. Don’t forget to visit GeForce News for the latest announcements, updates, launches, and more!

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