NVIDIA RTX: List Of All Games, Engines And Applications Featuring GeForce RTX-Powered Technology

By Andrew Burnes on May 31, 2021 | Featured Stories NVIDIA DLSS NVIDIA RTX Ray Tracing

NVIDIA DLSS, Ray Tracing, and GeForce RTX-accelerated AI technologies and features are being adopted by developers with unprecedented speed, faster than any other in NVIDIA’s history. To date, over 380 games and applications feature RTX support, including the best selling games, most-popular apps, and most used game engines.

NVIDIA DLSS (Deep Learning Super Sampling) is a groundbreaking AI rendering technology that increases graphics performance using dedicated Tensor Core AI processors on GeForce RTX GPUs. NVIDIA DLSS taps into the power of a deep learning neural network to boost frame rates and generate beautiful, sharp images in over 260 games and apps. For a detailed description of this critically acclaimed technology, head here.

RTX-accelerated Ray Tracing brings realistic and immersive visual effects to games. In apps, RT core acceleration speeds up renders by over 5x. This enables artists to not only create final renders more quickly, but also enables interactive ray tracing in the viewport which makes iterating on and refining new ideas simpler and easier.

AI and a multitude of RTX technologies and features, powered by Tensor Cores found on GeForce RTX GPUs, unlock revolutionary creative workflows that make tedious tasks a thing of the past. Advanced capabilities such as rotoscoping, retiming, super resolution and more are now more accessible to even hobbyist creators. Check out examples of how AI helps here.

Which Games, Engines and Applications Support RTX Technologies?

More and more add support each and every month. Check out the full list below, last updated February 2nd, 2023.

Name Type Ray Tracing NVIDIA DLSS / AI / RTX
10bit FX Notch Builder App   AI & RTX
3vjia App   AI, DLSS & RTX
51VR 51 City OS App RT AI
A Plague Tale: Requiem Game RT DLSS
Act-3D Lumion App RT AI
Adobe After Effects App   RTX
Adobe Camera Raw App   AI & RTX
Adobe Dimension App RT AI
Adobe Lightroom Classic App   AI & RTX
Adobe Photoshop App   AI & RTX
Adobe Premiere Pro App   AI & RTX
Adobe Premiere Rush App   AI & RTX
Adobe Substance 3D Designer App RT AI
Adobe Substance 3D Painter App RT AI
Adobe Substance 3D Sampler App   AI & RTX
Adobe Substance 3D Stager App   AI & RTX
Alan Wake Remastered Game   DLSS
Altair Inspire Studio/Render (formerly known as Evolve) App   AI & RTX
Altair Inspire-CFD App RT AI
Altair Thea Render App   AI & RTX
Anatomy Of Fear Game   DLSS
Animal Logic Glimpse App RT AI
Animalia Survival Game   DLSS
ANSYS Ansys VRXPERIENCE for HMI and Perceived Quality App RT AI & RTX
ANSYS AVxcelerate Sensors App RT AI
Anthem Game   DLSS
Apocalypse: 2.0 Edition Game   DLSS
Armory ArmorPaint App RT  
Aron's Adventure Game RT DLSS
Assetto Corsa Competizione Game   DLSS
Autodesk Arnold App RT AI & RTX
Autodesk Flame Premium App   AI & RTX
Autodesk Inventor App RT AI & RTX
Autodesk VRED App RT AI, DLSS & RTX
AverMedia CamEngine App   AI & RTX
AverMedia VoiceEngine App   AI & RTX
AWAY: The Survival Series Game   DLSS
Back 4 Blood Game   DLSS
Bakemono Game   DLSS
Baldur's Gate 3 Game   DLSS & DLAA
Ballads of Hongye Game   DLSS
Batora: Lost Haven Game RT DLSS
Battlefield 2042 Game RT DLSS
Battlefield V Game RT DLSS
Be.Live App   AI & RTX
Bentley Systems ContextCapture App   AI & RTX
Bentley Systems LumenRT Connect App RT AI, DLSS & RTX
Bentley Systems MicroStation App RT AI
Bentley Systems SYNCHRO PRO App RT AI
Beyond Enemy Lines 2 Game   DLSS
Blackmagic DaVinci Resolve App RT AI & RTX
Blender Institute's Blender App RT AI & RTX
Blind Fate: Edo no Yami Game RT DLSS
Bodies of Water VR (Beta) Game   DLSS
Bred University of Applied Sciences WispRenderer App RT  
Bright Memory Game RT DLSS
Bright Memory: Infinite Game RT DLSS
Broken Pieces Game   DLSS
Buildmedia Realspace App RT AI
Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War Game RT DLSS
Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Game RT DLSS
Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II Game   DLSS & DLAA
Call of Duty: Vanguard Game   DLSS
Call of Duty: Warzone Game   DLSS
Call of Duty: Warzone 2.0 Game   DLSS & DLAA
Cebas finalRender App RT AI & RTX
Chaos V-Ray App RT AI & RTX
Chaos Vantage App RT AI & RTX
Chaos Enscape App RT AI, DLSS & RTX
Chased By Darkness Game   DLSS
Chernobylite Game RT DLSS
Choo-Choo Charles Game   DLSS
Chief Architect App RT  
Chivalry 2 Game   DLSS
Chorus Game RT DLSS & DLAA
ChronoTecture: The Eprologue Game   DLSS
Cimpatico Studios, Inc. - Cimpatico Streaming Production App   AI & RTX
Cions of Vega Game   DLSS
Conqueror's Blade Game   DLSS
Control Game RT DLSS
Corsair Gaming, Inc. - iCUE Software App   AI & RTX
Crossout Game   DLSS
Crysis Remastered Game RT DLSS
Crysis 2 Remastered Game RT DLSS
Crysis 3 Remastered Game RT DLSS
Cyberlink PowerDirector App   AI & RTX
Cyberpunk 2077 Game RT DLSS
cyubeVR Game   DLSS
D5 Innovation D5 Render App RT AI, DLSS & RTX
Dabanjia BIM App RT AI, DLSS & RTX
Dakar Desert Rally Game   DLSS
Dassault Systemes 3DEXCITE DELTAGEN App RT AI & RTX
Dassault Systèmes 3DVIA HomeByMe App RT  
Dassault Systemes CATIA 3DEXPERIENCE App RT AI
Dassault Systemes CATIA Live Rendering App RT AI & RTX
Dassault Systemes SolidWorks Corp. SOLIDWORKS Visualize App RT AI
Daz3D Daz Studio App RT AI
Dead Space Game RT DLSS
Death Realm Game   DLSS
Death Stranding Game   DLSS
Death Stranding Director's Cut Game   DLSS
Deathloop Game RT DLSS
Deep Rock Galactic Game   DLSS & DLAA
DeepStates (VR) Game   DLSS
Deliver Us Mars Game RT DLSS
Deliver Us The Moon Game RT DLSS
Dassault Systèmes 3DVIA HomeByMe App   AI & RTX
Destroy All Humans! 2 - Reprobed Game   DLSS
Diablo II: Resurrected Game   DLSS
Digital Anarchy AI Denoiser App   AI & RTX
DiRT 5 Game RT  
Dolmen Game RT DLSS
Domino Simulator Game RT DLSS
DOOM Eternal Game RT DLSS
DxO PhotoLab App   AI & RTX
Dual Universe Game   DLSS
Dying Light 2 Stay Human Game RT DLSS
Edge of Eternity Game   DLSS
EdgeOfTheAbyssAwaken Game   DLSS
Elgato Camera Hub App   AI & RTX
Elgato WaveLink App   AI & RTX
Enlisted Game   DLSS
Ephesus Game   DLSS
Epic Games' Twinmotion-UE App RT AI
Epic Games' Unreal Engine App RT AI, DLSS & RTX
Escape From Naraka Game RT DLSS
Escape From Tarkov Game   DLSS
ESRI ArcGIS Pro App   AI & RTX
Everspace 2 Game   DLSS
Evil Dead: The Game Game   DLSS
Evil West Game   DLSS
Exit From Game   DLSS
EzBench Game   DLSS
F.I.S.T.: Forged In Shadow Torch Game RT DLSS
F1 2020 Game   DLSS
F1 2021 Game RT DLSS
F1 22 Game RT DLSS
Fall Balance Ball Game   DLSS
Far Cry 6 Game RT  
Faraday Protocol Game   DLSS
Farming Simulator 22 Game   DLSS & DLAA
Final Fantasy XV Game   DLSS
Firefighting Simulator - The Squad Game   DLSS
Five Nights at Freddy's: Security Breach Game RT DLSS
Forspoken Game RT DLSS
Fortnite Game RT DLSS
Forza Horizon 5 Game RT DLSS
Foundry MODO App RT AI & RTX
Frozen Flame Game   DLSS
Frozenheim Game   DLSS
Get Stuffed! Game   DLSS
Ghost Game   DLSS
Ghostbusters: Spirits Unleashed Game   DLSS
Ghostrunner Game RT DLSS
Ghostwire: Tokyo Game RT DLSS
Glodon BIMMaker App RT AI
God of War Game   DLSS
Godfall Game RT  
Gotham Knights Game RT DLSS
Grand Theft Auto III - The Definitive Edition Game   DLSS
Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas - The Definitive Edition Game   DLSS
Grand Theft Auto: Vice City - The Definitive Edition Game   DLSS
Gu Jian Qi Tan Online Game   DLSS
Gungrave G.O.R.E Game RT DLSS
Helios Game RT DLSS
Hell Pie Game RT DLSS
Hellblade: Senua's Sacrifice Game RT DLSS
Hi-Fi RUSH Game   DLSS
HITMAN World of Assassination Game RT DLSS
Höll Space 5D6 Game   DLSS
Holomento Game   DLSS
Horizon Technology Kool VR 3.0 App   AI, DLSS & RTX
Horizon Zero Dawn Complete Edition Game   DLSS
Hot Wheels Unleashed Game   DLSS
Hydroneer Game   DLSS
Into the Radius VR Game   DLSS
Iron Conflict Game   DLSS
Island of the Ancients Game   DLSS
Isotropix Angie App RT AI
Isotropix Clarisse App RT AI
Jaws Of Extinction Game   DLSS
Jina Po Game   DLSS
Judgment Game   DLSS & DLAA
Jurassic World Evolution 2 Game RT DLSS & DLAA
Justice Game RT DLSS
JX3 Online RTX Version Game   DLSS
Kena: Bridge of Spirits Game   DLSS
Kognat Rotobot App   AI & RTX
Last Hope on Earth Game   DLSS
Legendary Tales Game   DLSS
LEGO Builder's Journey Game RT DLSS
Lemnis Gate Game   DLSS
Life Is Strange: True Colors Game RT  
Linctex Digital Technology Co.Ltd - Style3D Studio App RT  
Loopmancer Game RT DLSS
Lost Judgment Game   DLSS & DLAA
Loverowind Game   DLSS
Lumote: The Mastermote Chronicles Game   DLAA
Luxion Keyshot App RT AI & RTX
Marmoset Toolbag App RT AI & RTX
Martha Is Dead Game RT DLSS
Marvel's Avengers Game   DLSS
Marvel's Guardians of the Galaxy Game RT DLSS
Marvel's Midnight Suns Game RT DLSS
Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales Game RT DLSS & DLAA
Marvel's Spider-Man Remastered Game RT DLSS & DLAA
Maxon Redshift Renderer App RT AI & RTX
McNeel & Assoc. RHINO App RT AI
Mechwarrior 5: Mercenaries Game RT DLSS
Mercs Fully Loaded Game RT DLSS
Meshroom VR WeViz Studio App RT  
Metro Exodus PC Enhanced Edition Game RT DLSS
Microsoft Flight Simulator Game   DLSS
Midnight Ghost Hunt Game   DLSS
Minecraft with RTX Game RT DLSS
Minecraft with RTX: China Edition Game RT DLSS
Monster Hunter Rise Game   DLSS & DLAA
Monster Hunter World Game   DLSS
Moonlight Blade Game RT DLSS
Mortal Online 2 Game   DLSS
Mortal Shell Game RT DLSS
Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord Game   DLSS
My Time At Sandrock Game   DLAA
Myst Game RT DLSS
Myth of Empires Game RT DLSS
Necromunda: Hired Gun Game   DLSS
Need For Speed Unbound Game   DLSS
Nemetschek ALLPLAN App RT DLSS
Nine To Five Game   DLSS
Nioh 2 The Complete Edition Game   DLSS
No Man's Sky Game   DLSS & DLAA
NVIDIA Broadcast App RT AI & RTX
NVIDIA Omniverse App RT AI, DLSS & RTX
OBS Streamlabs App RT AI
Observer: System Redux Game RT DLSS
ON1 NoNoise AI App RT AI & RTX
ON1 Portrait AI App RT AI & RTX
ON1 Resize AI App RT AI & RTX
orbit.industries Game   DLSS
OTOY OctaneRender App RT AI
Outerverse Game   DLSS
Outriders Game   DLSS
Paradise Killer Game RT DLSS
PC Building Simulator 2 Game   DLSS
Phantasy Star Online 2 New Genesis Game   DLSS
Pixar Renderman App RT AI & RTX
Pixar RTP App RT AI
Pluviophile Game   DLSS
Poker Club Game RT  
Portal with RTX Game RT DLSS
Powerslide Legends Game   DLSS
Propnight Game   DLSS
Pumpkin Jack Game RT DLSS
Q.U.B.E. 10th Anniversary Game RT DLSS
Quake II RTX Game RT  
Raji: An Ancient Epic Game RT DLSS
Ranch Simulator Game   DLSS
Random Control Maverick Render App   AI & RTX
RAZE 2070 Game RT DLSS
Ready or Not Game   DLSS
Recall Game   DLSS
Red Dead Redemption 2 Game   DLSS
Redout: Space Assault Game RT DLSS
Remington Graphics D-NOISE App RT AI
Remnants Game   DLSS
Resident Evil 2 Game RT  
Resident Evil 3 Game RT  
Resident Evil 7 Game RT  
Resident Evil Village Game RT  
Ring of Elysium Game   DLSS
Rise of the Tomb Raider Game   DLSS
Robo Pocket: 3D Fighter With Rollback Game   DLSS
Rune II Game RT  
Rust Game   DLSS
Saboteur Game   DLSS
Sackboy: A Big Adventure Game RT DLSS
Saints Row Game RT  
Scathe Game   DLSS
Scavengers Game   DLSS
SCP: Pandemic Game   DLSS
SCP: Secret Files Game   DLSS
Severed Steel Game RT DLSS
Shadow of the Tomb Raider Game RT DLSS
Shadow Warrior 3 Game   DLSS
sheencity Mars App RT AI, DLSS & RTX
SideFX Houdini App RT AI
Siemens Digital Industries - Software NX Ray Traced Studio App RT AI & RTX
Siemens Digital Industries Software Simcenter Prescan App RT AI
Sifu Game   DLSS
SimRail - The Railway Simulator Game   DLSS
Soul Dossier Game   DLSS
Soulmate Game RT DLSS
Soulstice Game   DLSS
SplitmediaLabs, Ltd. XSplit Broadcaster App   AI & RTX
Stay in the Light Game RT  
Steelrising Game RT DLSS
Stranger of Paradise Final Fantasy Origin Game   DLSS
Supraland Game   DLSS
Supraland Six Inches Under Game   DLSS
Survive The Hill Game   DLSS
Sword and Fairy 7 Game RT DLSS
Swords of Legends Online Game   DLSS
System Shock Demo Game   DLSS
Tarantula AI Recast.ai App   AI & RTX
The Anacrusis Game   DLSS
The Ascent Game RT DLSS
The Callisto Protocol Game RT  
The Chant Game   DLSS
The Cycle: Frontier Game   DLSS
The Dawn: Sniper's Way Game   DLSS
The Elder Scrolls Online Game   DLSS & DLAA
The Fabled Woods Game RT DLSS
The Forge App RT  
The Future Group - Pixotope Pixotope App RT AI, DLSS & RTX
The Last Oricru Game   DLSS
The Medium Game RT DLSS
The Nightmare Catcher Game   DLSS
The Orville Interactive Fan Experience Game RT DLSS
The Persistence Game RT DLSS
The Redress of Mira Game   DLSS
The Riftbreaker Game RT  
The Riftbreaker: Prologue Game RT  
The Valiant Game   DLSS
The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt Game RT DLSS
Titan Station Game RT DLSS
To Hell With It Game RT DLSS
Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Extraction Game   DLSS
Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Siege Game   DLSS
Topaz Labs DeNoise AI App   AI & RTX
Topaz Labs Gigapixel AI App   AI & RTX
Topaz Labs Photo AI App   AI & RTX
Topaz Labs Sharpen AI App   AI & RTX
Topaz Labs Video Enhance AI App   AI & RTX
Touchcast Inc. Touchcast Virtual Conference App   AI & RTX
Tower of Fantasy Game RT DLSS
Truck Mechanic: Dangerous Paths - Prologue Game   DLSS
Turbo Sloths Game RT DLSS
Twin Stones: The Journey of Bukka Game   DLSS
Uncharted: Legacy of Thieves Collection Game   DLSS
Uncrashed : FPV Drone Simulator Game   DLSS
United Assault - Normandy '44 Game   DLSS
Unity Technologies' Unity App RT AI, DLSS & RTX
Unknown Woods Game   DLSS
VALHALL: Harbinger Game   DLSS
Valkyrie Elysium Game   DLSS
Vampire: The Masquerade - Swansong Game   DLSS
Video Copilot Element 3D App RT  
Viking Rage Game   DLSS
Vistandard VRP2020 App RT AI
Visual Components App RT  
VLR App RT  
VR Nara Park Game   DLSS
vRt App RT  
Wakamarina Valley, New Zealand Game   DLSS
Warhammer 40,000: Darktide Game RT DLSS
War Thunder Game   DLSS
Warstride Challenges Game   DLSS
Watch Dogs: Legion Game RT DLSS
Weta Digital Gazebo App RT AI
Wolfenstein: Youngblood Game RT DLSS
Workshop Simulator Game   DLSS
World of Warcraft: Shadowlands Game RT  
WRC Generations – The FIA WRC Official Game Game   DLSS
Wrench Game RT DLSS
Xaymar StreamFX App RT AI
Xuan-Yuan Sword VII Game RT DLSS
Yag Game   DLSS

How Do I Use Ray Tracing and NVIDIA DLSS In Games?

It’s easy! Install the latest GeForce Game Ready Driver from GeForce Experience or our website, download the latest version of the game you want to play, load in, open the options menu, and enable ray tracing and NVIDIA DLSS.

For NVIDIA DLSS, we recommend its Quality Mode for 1920x1080 and 2560x1440, Performance Mode for 3840x2160, and Ultra Performance Mode for 7680x4320.

To discover the latest titles that have added NVIDIA DLSS, check this list and read our GeForce.com articles.

How Do I Use RTX Technologies In Apps and Engines?

You’ll need the latest GeForce Game Ready Driver or NVIDIA Studio Driver for your GeForce RTX graphics card, GPU or laptop, but as every application is different we can’t provide specific instructions for each. Instead, we recommend checking out the app’s official website and help guides.