GeForce Garage: PDXLAN Fall 2018 Mod Recap

By Romeo Lavarias on November 23, 2018 | GeForce Garage Events

Vancouver, Washington- In early November, PDXLAN Fall 2018 took place in its new venue at Clark County Event Center in Vancouver, Washington.  PDXLAN (link to  has been known to be the home of several prolific and talented modders, and this iteration was no different as there were several eye-catching mods to be seen.  With so many amazing entries, the Mod Contest sponsored by GeForce Garage and EKWB narrowed down the best the Pacific Northwest had to offer and showered the talented artisan with prizes.

In fifth place, winning an EKWB HT 240 is King Edvard’s Knight by Brendan Shroyer.  Brendan is a young modder who focuses on hand tools and sticking to a budget.  Follow Brendan’s progress on his Instagram

Fourth place was this Initial D themed build by rookie modder Josiah Fast.  For his first ever mod, he did a great job building a collage using hand-painted panels from the actual manga.  He tied the yellow and black scheme throughout the build and completed the Initial D theme with a custom backplate and “FD3S RX-7” LED panel.  His creativity earned him an EK-P360 Kit.

In third is the Spartan Dopamine by Jason Pearce of Spartan Mods.  The case is adorned with hand-filed pieces of Jason’s favorite material- aluminum.  Throw in a crazy custom loop and this mod garnered an EK-KIT RGB 360 for Jason.

In 2nd place, Rod Rosenberg crafted this epic Spitfire Wing diorama.  Damaged from crashing into the landscape, the tears in the skin provide glimpses into the awesome gaming PC inside, earning Rod an NVIDIA TITAN X Special Edition (Jedi) and an EKWB sponsorship (up to $1000k) on his next mod.

Taking home 1st place is Kurt Schuff with his incredibly detailed Ghostbusters rig, complete with firehouse front panel, proton pack inspired interior and ghost trap that housed the GPU.  Not only did he get an NVIDIA TITAN X Special Edition (Empire) but he will also have his rig featured in an upcoming GeForce Garage video.

Another great competition is in the books, and we’re looking forward to the next PDXLAN in March