Smart Hospitals

Tap into the Latest AI-Enabled Device Innovations

NVIDIA GPUs and deep learning are enabling a new class of software-defined intelligent tools in hospitals. AI-powered temperature sensors for screening staff and patients, intelligent video feeds to flag patient distress, speech recognition for inputting patient data into electronic medical records, conversational AI to explain procedures, and much more are helping to optimize efficiency in healthcare.

Enabling Intelligent Devices

Bringing Real-Time Sensing to Medical Instruments

Clara Holoscan lets developers build applications that process multimodality sensor data, run physics-based models, accelerate AI inference and render high-quality graphics in real time.

The AI Patient Assistant

Ouva has created a hospital intelligence platform that monitors patient safety, acts as a patient assistant, and provides a sensory experience in waiting areas—without the need for anyone to touch anything.

Automating PPE Checks and Hospital Inventories

A member of NVIDIA Inception, Darvis, an AI company founded in San Francisco in 2015, uses NVIDIA Clara Guardian to automate hospital inventory checks, bed-occupancy tracking, and compliance with infection control protocols amid COVID-19.

AI Temperature Screening Helps Business Amid Pandemic

Intellistie, powered by Deep Vision AI, an NVIDIA Inception member, uses its intelligent video analytics (IVA) platform to scan over 100 people per minute and is accurate within a tenth of a degree Celcius to support COVID-19 safety measures.

AI Augments Sonographers Amid Pandemic

Caption Health’s FDA-approved AI software for ultrasound systems, Caption AI, helps medical professionals capture expert-level sonograms in less time, helping keep up with demand.

AI at the Edge Combats Diabetes-Related Blindness

Symptoms of diabetic retinopathy are often hard to diagnose. Fusing AI, GPUs, and fundus cameras, Medimaging Integrated Solution has given doctors a portable AI device that can generate a diagnosis in seconds.

Latest Webinars on Medical Device Innovation

GPU Accelerated AI Solutions

Startups Spotlight: Medical Imaging Solutions Showcase

Hear from startups on how they’re using GPU-accelerated AI solutions to build intelligent medical instruments and devices.

NVIDIA Clara Guardian to Develop Smart Sensors With Multimodal AI

Building Smart Hospitals to Fight COVID-19

Learn how to use NVIDIA Clara Guardian to develop and deploy smart sensors with multimodal AI anywhere in a healthcare facility.

Build Software-Defined Instruments

Edge AI for Smart Hospitals

NVIDIA Clara Guardian brings intelligent video analytics (IVA) and conversational AI capabilities to healthcare. Using Clara Guardian’s software stack, ecosystem partners can develop and deploy IVA solutions with NVIDIA DeepStream and automatic speech recognition and natural language processing solutions with NVIDIA Riva.

Combined with the NVIDIA EGX™ edge AI platform, which provides for the secure management of fleets of devices, Clara Guardian can safely and easily deploy AI applications across hundreds of edge devices.

NVIDIA CLARA Guardian Brings Intelligent Video Analytics
Building AI-Enabled  Medical Devices

AI-Enabled Medical Devices

NVIDIA solutions help enhance medical devices by accelerating three essential applications: signal and image processing, visualization, and artificial intelligence. Through the power of a single GPU architecture and a single programming model, R&D groups can accelerate their time to market and leverage engineering investments across product lines.

NVIDIA Partners for Healthcare

NVIDIA solutions for the healthcare industry go beyond products. Our partners are here to assist your organization at every level to build and execute transformative AI strategies, products, and services.

NVIDIA Partners Offering Validated Solutions

NVIDIA Partner Network (NPN) partners have enterprise-grade, production-ready, GPU-optimized applications that have been tested and validated for performance by NVIDIA.


Operating Room Workflow Automation

Artisight’s Operating Room (OR) Coordinator Solution, powered by NVIDIA Clara Guardian, is an integrated foundation of IoT technologies that enhances communication and prediction by 10x to enable OR optimization in multiple dimensions, including time, turnover, quality improvement, instrument utilization, staffing, and documentation, providing a tremendous return on ROI.

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