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AI-Powered Drug Discovery

Advancing Biopharma and Pharma Research With AI and Accelerated Computing

From searching a seemingly endless molecule database to generating molecules to understanding proteins, DNA and RNA, NVIDIA solutions are helping pharmaceutical and biopharmaceutical companies to discover and develop drugs faster and at a lower cost.

Using Generative AI to Enhance Biologics Discovery and Development

Discover how Amgen is accelerating biologics discovery by using generative AI models to propose designs for candidate molecules and predictive models to evaluate designs.

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Use Cases

Discover How AI Is Transforming the Biopharmaceutical Industry

Protein Structure Prediction

Drug R&D

Unfolded or misfolded proteins are thought to cause degenerative disorders, including cystic fibrosis, Alzheimer’s disease, Parkinson’s disease, and Huntington’s disease. Find out how deep learning is helping scientists predict protein structures with accelerated OpenFold in NVIDIA BioNeMo™.

Small Molecule Generation

Drug R&D

Deep learning models for generative chemistry are helping scientists to explore the vast chemical space and produce de novo small molecules. Learn more about the generative AI model MegaMolBART for chemistry and the competitive advantage of AI-based approaches.

Biomolecular Property Prediction

Drug R&D

Using Large language models that are domain optimized for chemistry and biology, researchers are understanding proteins, discovering new patterns and insights in biological sequences that they can connect to biological properties or functions, and even human health conditions.

Biomedical Natural language Processing (NLP)

Vyasa is using BioMedical NLP AI Model NVIDIA BioMegatron to turn unstructured content into structured insights in milliseconds by answering questions concerning disease indications, clinical trial designs, site details, subject demographics, and other biomedical tasks.

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Solutions for Every Phase of Drug Discovery and Research

NVIDIA Clara™ for drug discovery is a GPU-accelerated computational drug discovery platform that combines AI, data analytics, simulation, and visualization to support cross-disciplinary workflows in drug design and development. Clara for drug discovery helps scientists and researchers get drugs to market faster and enables new possibilities for research into disease mechanisms.

NVIDIA Clara for drug discovery

Using NVIDIA Clara for drug discovery, researchers can apply high-performance computing applications, pretrained AI models, and domain-specific application frameworks in the areas of genomics, protein structure determination, virtual drug screening, medical imaging, NLP, and more.

Accelerate Early Drug Discovery With Generative AI

NVIDIA BioNeMo Service is a cloud service for generative AI in drug discovery, offering tools to quickly customize and deploy domain-specific, state-of-the-art biomolecular models at-scale through cloud APIs.


Take a Deeper Dive Into AI in Biopharma


Genentech and NVIDIA Revolutionize Drug Discovery With Generative AI in Lab in the Loop

Discover how Genentech, a pioneer in biotechnology, and NVIDIA, a leader in AI, are collaborating to accelerate drug discovery and development. By optimizing their lab-in-a-loop iterative framework with generative AI, Genentech is bridging the gap between lab experiments and computational algorithms. The impact is new molecular designs that can advance medicine and bring novel therapies to patients faster.




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