Tap into the Latest Advances in Genome Research with Accelerated Computing

As genomic testing becomes more mainstream, sequencing our 3.2 billion DNA base pairs is critical to identifying mutations that can cause disease. Advancements in high-throughput instruments has decreased the cost of sequencing but also increased the amount of data that requires analysis. Leveraging GPUs to accelerate this analysis can vastly decrease runtime and costs compared to CPU-based approaches.

Supercharging Genomics Research

Powering Population Genomics

Group 42’s supercomputer, powered by NVIDIA DGX systems, will help researchers understand the genomes of United Arab Emirates’ citizens and improve healthcare in the country.

Understanding Mutational Signatures of Cancer

Researchers from the Wellcome Sanger Institute and UC San Diego collaborated with NVIDIA to accelerate the analysis of molecular signatures of somatic mutation by 30X on NVIDIA DGX systems.

Developing Personalized Treatments

Using the power of GPUs, the Translational Genomics Research Institute analyzes the genome sequences of children with rare neurological diseases in under a day to quickly develop the most effective therapies.

Latest Drug Design and Development Webinars

Oxford Nanopore Sequencing for COVID-19 Monitoring

Oxford Nanopore Sequencing for COVID-19 Monitoring

Sequencing a virus can help characterize it and help health workers understand its identity, mutations, and transmission. Explore how Oxford Nanopore sequencers, using GPU-accelerated analysis software, are being used to monitor and study the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.

NVIDIA Clara™ Parabricks, a turnkey solution that accelerates production germline, somatic, and RNA

Shortening Whole Genome Analysis from Days to Minutes

Learn about the newest features and performance improvements in the latest release of NVIDIA Clara Parabricks, a turnkey solution that accelerates production germline, somatic, and RNA variant calling pipelines.

Applying HPC to Genome Analysis

NVIDIA Clara Parabricks is a complete portfolio of off-the-shelf solutions for genomics analysis coupled with a developer toolkit for new application development. Supporting DNA to RNA analysis and application workflows for primary, secondary, and tertiary analysis, Clara Parabricks is built to optimize acceleration, accuracy, and scalability.

NVIDIA Clara Parabricks

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