Monetize AI Services at the Telco Edge

As customers across industries start to leverage AI to transform their business, telcos are uniquely positioned to expand into the role of edge AI service provider. Capture this new market opportunity with NVIDIA’s edge AI platform and partner ecosystem, which accelerates time to revenue and provides the performance, support, and flexibility needed for this new area of business.

Examples of Telco Edge Services

5G-Connected VR Headsets

BT 5G-Connected VR Speeds Manufacturing Processes

Product design teams in Hyperbat, a UK-based vehicle battery manufacturer, is using 5G-connected virtual reality (VR) headsets to collaborate in an immersive virtual space on realistic models, streamlining the manufacturing process.

Intelligent Video Analytics Software

NTT East Delivers Intelligent Video Analytics as a Service

NTT East is offering intelligent video analytics (IVA) software as a service to their customers and delivering business impact. A retail customer with over 250 stores saw increased sales and reduced merchandise loss within the first year.

Remote learning through 5G

Vodafone Enables Immersive VR Learning Experiences

Vodafone Business is helping Coventry University deliver immersive, interactive, remote learning through 5G. Healthcare students can use VR and augmented reality (AR) to explore the human body like never before—from the intricacies of the brain to following red blood cells as they course through veins.

Edge AI Opportunities Across Industries

  • Retail
  • Manufacturing
  • Healthcare
  • Smart Spaces
  • Entertainment


Leading retailers are leveraging AI to reduce shrinkage, improve forecasting, automate warehouse logistics, determine in-store promotions and real-time pricing, enable customer personalization and recommendations, and deliver better shopping experiences. Data from cameras and sensors can also power faster checkouts and autonomous shopping.

Reinventing Retail with Edge AI


Accelerated edge computing and AI are transforming manufacturing into a safer, more efficient industry. BMW puts inspection cameras on the factory floor, providing a 360-degree view of their assembly line to deliver real-time insights. Procter & Gamble is leveraging faster edge computing to assist employees during inspections. By analyzing thousands of hours of footage from inspection lines, the company can immediately flag imperfections, improving quality control and supporting the highest safety standards. And manufacturers like Hyperbat are using extended reality (XR) over 5G to enable distributed teams to collaborate in real time to speed up the manufacturing process.

Edge AI for manufacturing industry


As healthcare providers face unprecedented demands, smart sensors can act as “eyes and ears", ensuring safety and operational excellence in critical ways—from temperature screening and protective gear detection to safe social distancing and remote patient monitoring.

Edge AI for smart hospitals

Smart Spaces

The need to automate and improve operational efficiency in our physical spaces has never been greater. Approximately 1 billion video cameras—the ultimate Internet of Things (IoT) sensors—have been deployed throughout the world’s cities and spaces to help us live better and safer. Cities are looking for solutions to address congestion and public safety. Entertainment venues and transport hubs are monitoring and optimizing operations and traffic flow. Telcos, with their networks close to the edge, are uniquely positioned to play a critical role in the delivery of these services.

Edge AI for smart spaces
Image courtesy of ASSAIA


New, immersive 5G-enabled XR entertainment experiences allow the audience to experience the full fidelity of a virtual world. Virtual worlds have rich, vivid colors, with details that are visible from a lightweight mobile device. And technologies like volumetric video introduce a new paradigm to sports, transporting fans closer than ever before to the heart of the action from the comfort of their living rooms.

Edge AI for entertainment experiences
Image courtesy of Factory 42

Enterprise Edge Service Solutions

NVIDIA technology provides the foundation for a broad range of use cases.

Intelligent Video Analytics

NVIDIA Metropolis brings visual data and AI together to improve operational efficiency and safety across a broad range of industries. It helps make sense of the flood of data created by trillions of sensors for frictionless retail, streamlined inventory management, traffic engineering in smart cities, optical inspection on factory floors, patient care in healthcare facilities, and more. Telcos are leveraging their network edge to deploy IVA solutions for their enterprise customers.

Intelligent Video Analytics Solutions
AR & VR Streaming Solutions

AR/VR Experiences

NVIDIA CloudXR is a hybrid edge computing architecture that renders high-quality AR/VR content at the edge and streams it over the 5G network using dynamic quality-of-service mechanisms. Delivery of immersive experiences for sports and entertainment, retail, education, and more represent a powerful new category of 5G services for telcos.


NVIDIA Isaac is the accelerated platform for robotics, enabling AI for autonomous mobile robots (AMR), synthetic data generation for training, and AI perception algorithms. 5G is a key catalyst to scale robotics application deployment, as it enables the control software to be moved from the robots into the edge, leveraging ultra-low-latency 5G connectivity.

NVIDIA Isaac Platform

Edge Services Ecosystem

NVIDIA solutions are supported by a robust ecosystem of ISVs, creative collaborators, technology providers  and system integrators who provide the expertise to deliver a wide range of edge applications.

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