John Neylon


Hometown: Merrillville, Indiana

Research:  John's research is focused on advancing and facilitating adaptive radiation therapy based cancer treatments to improve patient outcome and quality of life. He is developing a framework utilizing image registration and predictive biomechanical models for regression tracking, dose estimation, and extrapolation. Accelerating these tasks with GPUs will allow seamless integration into existing clinical workflows and provide physicians with a wealth of information for optimizing treatments to the patient's daily anatomy.

Bio: John grew up in northwest Indiana before enrolling at Purdue University. While studying astrophysics as an undergraduate, John's mother was diagnosed with cancer. After seeing the debilitating side effects of chemotherapy, John changed his focus to the medical field. After graduating with Bachelor's degrees in Physics and Mathematics, John received his Master's in Medical Physics from Purdue. With his mother now recovered, John continues his research of cancer therapy in the Biomedical Physics program at UCLA.

John does not have webpage associated with his research, but here are links to two of his first authored papers:

A GPU based high-resolution multilevel biomechanical head and neck model for validating deformable image registration

A nonvoxel-based dose convolution/superposition algorithm optimized for scalable GPU architectures