Ana Serrano


from Zaragoza, Spain
Universidad de Zaragoza

Student Page:

Research:  Ana’s research spans several areas of visual computing, and her work lies at the intersection of perception and image processing. In the past, she has worked in the fields of computational imaging, and material perception. Currently, her main focus is to apply fundamental knowledge on human attentional behavior in order to overcome some of the current challenges of virtual reality (VR) video. Given the complex nature of human attentional interactions, an understanding of users’ perception and reactions is crucial both for the generation of compelling VR experiences, and for improving the VR visualization pipeline.

Ana is a fourth year PhD candidate in the Computer Science department at Universidad de Zaragoza (Spain). She is mentored by Prof. Diego Gutierrez and Prof. Belen Masia. During the course of her PhD, she has interned with the Adobe Creative Technologies Lab, the Stanford Computational Imaging Group, and the Max-Planck Computer Graphics Group.