Accelerated Computing
Solving the World's Most Important Challenges
Accelerated Computing - Solving the World's Most Important Challenges


The ACCELERATED COMPUTING platform for datacenters

NVIDIA Tesla is the world's leading platform for accelerated datacenter, deployed by some of the world's largest supercomputers and enterprises. It combines GPU accelerators, accelerated computing systems, interconnect technologies, development tools, and applications to enable faster scientific discoveries and insights. NVIDIA Tesla platform leverages massively parallel graphics processors to provide significantly higher throughput for compute intensive workloads and resulting in dramatic savings in datacenter cost.

With over 550 HPC applications optimized in a broad range of industries, including 15 out of top 15, every HPC datacenter will benefit from Tesla Accelerated computing platform.

NVIDIA Tesla Platform Tools

Data center management
solutions built on the Tesla platform
NVIDIA Tesla Platform Tools



Delivered application performance is more than raw flops. Computational professionals depend on mission critical applications to accelerate discoveries and insights at scale. It starts with the world's fastest accelerators and includes a reliable infrastructure, the ability to monitor and manage that infrastructure, and the ability to quickly move data where it is needed. The NVIDIA Tesla Accelerated Computing Platform provides all of these to deliver unprecedented performance in scientific, analytics, engineering, consumer, and enterprise applications.


Accelerating discovery and insight with the Tesla Accelerated Computing Platform

Tesla Accelerated Computing Platform


The World's Fastest GPU Accelerators

  • Up to 5.31 tflops double precision performance and Up to 10.6 tflops single precision performance on the Tesla P100 GPU Accelerator
  • Enterprise class features like ECC protection for increased reliability and GPU Boost for maximum performance

Fast communication

  • Up to 5x than PCIe Gen3 x16 with NVLINK
  • Fast bi-directional communication with the dual DMA engines of Tesla GPU accelerators
  • Accelerated communication across nodes, with network and storage devices, and between GPUs using NVIDA GPUDirect


  • Easy monitoring and management of GPU clusters with NVIDIA system management tools
  • Enterprise-class, CUDA and OS drivers
  • Seamless application deployment with ISV Certification
  • Zero error tolerance stress testing