3D Vision

Installation Info

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1. Download and Install the Drivers
To download and install the driver, click here.
Download the R266.35 or newer here.
Download the 3D Vision Controller Driver here.
2. Install the 3D Vision Controller Driver
3D Vision Controller Driver
Follow the steps in the wizard
3. Connect the 3D Vision Pro Hub
Windows Vista and Window 7
1. Plug in the 3D Vision Pro Hub with the included USB cable. If the OS prompts you to install
    the device, click install.
2. Verify Hub button glows dim green. After a successful installation, the button on the Hub will
    glow a dim green.

Windows XP
1. Plug in the 3D Vision Pro Hub with the included USB cable. Plugging in the Hub will start the
    Windows Found New Hardware Wizard.
2. Select "No, not at this time" when prompted about connecting to Windows update. Installing
    the driver in the previous steps installed the necessary files.

Windows Found New Hardware Wizard

3. Select and install the recommended drivers. The wizard will find the files needed automatically.

Install the recommended drivers

4. Finish the Wizard. Upon completing the wizard the NVIDIA logo on the front button of the hub
    will glow a dim green.
4. Configure Stereo Settings
OpenGL Stereo (Quadro Only)
1. Verify the display refresh rate. Unless your display device is designed to support stereo at a lower
    refresh rate, make sure to select a refresh rate of 100Hz or higher.

Verify the display refresh rate

    Depending on the lighting in your environment you may experience a pulsing of the image when looking
    through the glasses. If you notice this, you can adjust the refresh rate to align on an even multiple
    with your lighting refresh rate (for example 60Hz lighting -> 120Hz display refresh, 50Hz lighting ->
    100Hz display refresh).
2. Select the Stereo Output Format in Manage 3D Settings. Select the correct output format for your device.

Select the Stereo Output Format in Manage 3D Settings

    LCD Panels or Projectors: On-Board DIN Connector (with NVIDIA 3D Vision) or Active Stereo (with
    NVIDIA 3D Vision).
    Dual Pipe / Clone Mode: nView Clone Mode (with NVIDIA 3D Vision).
    Real Projection DLP TV's: 3D DLP display (with NVIDIA 3D Vision).
3. Enable Stereo Turn on stereo for supported applications.

Enable Stereo

DirectX Stereo (Quadro or GeForce)
The DirectX Stereo driver does not need to be enabled. When enabled it will enable compatible
applications including games, 3D BluRay players and supported professional applications.
1. Run the Configuration Wizard
    Launch the Setup Wizard from the 3D Stereoscopic entry in the NVIDIA Control Panel.

Run the Configuration Wizard

5. Pairing Glasses to the Hub
The 3D Vision Pro glasses need to be paired to the hub so they can communicate with each other. For more information on the pairing options, refer to the user guide here.

Pairing with the Control Panel
1. Open the 3D Vision Pro Control Panel
    Navigate to the 3D Vision Pro control panel entry in the NVIDIA control panel.
2. Press the Add Glasses Button

Add Glasses

3. Press and hold the button on the glasses until the light next to the button blinks green
    Holding the button on the glasses until it blinks green, and then releasing the button, places the
    glasses into their pairing mode. You can pair multiple glasses at one time.
4. Glasses name and battery level appear
    Pairing is usually a very quick operation and the light on the glasses will turn solid green when
    paired. If a stereo application is running the glasses will start operating as well.