About NVIDIA Foundation

The NVIDIA Foundation accelerates solutions to the world’s most pressing issues in health and education. We leverage our employees, partners, technology and financial resources to advance the fight against cancer and to help youth excel in learning.


Our commitment to building programs that have a transformational impact in health and education is an outgrowth of NVIDIA’s culture of making a contribution. We empower employees to use their time and talent to identify and execute innovative, effective community-based programs. We work to amplify their impact by applying company resources and collaborating with business partners.

NVIDIA Foudation Overview

NVIDIA Foundation Overview

A look at what makes the NVIDIA Foundation unique, which causes are most important to us, and why employees are passionate about giving back to their communities.

Focus Areas


Compute the Cure, our strategic philanthropic program launched in 2010, aims to advance the fight against cancer through grants and employee engagement initiatives. We fund researchers at universities and nonprofit research institutes who are using innovating computing methods to accelerate their work. Our recently launched Cancer Care grant program offers funding to global organizations providing cancer support and services. Offices around the world hold events engaging employees in raising funds for cancer research organizations and improving awareness.



NVIDIA Foundation’s education initiatives helps our employees provide K-12 students the tools and skills they need to excel in learning. We are particularly interested in offering opportunities to underserved and underrepresented youth. We also strive to improve math and science education, and to inspire youth to enter occupations requiring science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) skills. Employees get opportunities to use their skills to help students through mentoring and tutoring programs. Volunteer events, like our annual Project Inspire effort, physically transform schools in low-income areas to create a welcoming and inspiring environment for learning.