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We're pleased to announce we've selected five finalists for this year's Global Impact Award. Over the next few week's we'll feature a story about their innovative work on the NVIDIA blog and this site.

This week: Johannes Kepler University Linz - How GPUs Are Helping Pinpoint Toxins in Everyday Household Items.

Feb 11: Baylor Institute - GPUs Help Unfold the Loops in Genome's Graceful Structure.

The NVIDIA Global Impact Award is a new annual grant of $150,000 for groundbreaking work that addresses the world's most important social and humanitarian problems. It will go to a researcher or institution using NVIDIA technology to achieve breakthrough results with broad impact. This includes – but is not limited to – the areas of disease research, drug design & development, medical imaging, energy & fuel efficiency, weather prediction, natural disaster response and cyber security.


Researchers, non-profit research institutions or universities based anywhere in the world may apply. NVIDIA technology should have played a significant enabling role in the project. Multiple submissions from institutions and researchers are allowed.

Nomination Process

Candidates may be submitted by third-party or by self-nomination. The nomination form may be downloaded here. Endorsements from recognized experts in the relevant field of study will strengthen the nomination.


Candidates will be evaluated using several criteria, including innovation, social impact, public availability and effectiveness of results to date.


Key milestones are set out below:

Date Activity
March 27, 2014 NVIDIA Global Impact Award announced
Oct. 31, 2014 Submissions due
Feb. 15, 2015 Finalists announced
March 17, 2015 Award recipient named at GPU Technology Conference

Additional Information

Finalists will be interviewed for potential coverage in NVIDIA's communication channels. They may have the opportunity to present their findings at NVIDIA-hosted events targeted at the research community. Award winners must be available to receive the prize in person at the 2015 GPU Technology Conference. Transportation and accommodations will be provided for one representative.


Inquiries about the NVIDIA Global Impact Award may be sent to


Legal Disclaimers
Non-profit research institutions and universities, as well as individuals working with such organizations only, may apply. These organizations can be located anywhere in the world. The award will be given as an unrestricted gift to the university/institution affiliated with the award recipient and can be directed towards a department, initiative or project. NVIDIA is not responsible for any additional fees those organizations may charge as a result of the gift. Commercial organizations or employees whose relevant work was done in their employ are not eligible. NVIDIA reserves the right to promote material from the application in its own communications materials.