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NVIDIA Iray. Rendering your Reality.

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NVIDIA® Iray® for Maya is a plug-in for Autodesk Maya® that DELIVERS EXCEPTIONAL PHYSICALLY BASED IRAY RENDERING. Scene lighting and design are extremely interactive and intuitive throughout the entire look-development process using native Maya controls. This means you can easily create or modify physically based lights and materials with material nodes integrated directly into Maya. All the materials and lights, including the NVIDIA vMaterials Library, are built with the NVIDIA Material Definition Language, so they can be shared with other MDL-compatible tools.



See how the new Maya plug-in for Iray empowers you to easily create or modify physically based lights and materials with this seamless integration directly into Autodesk Maya.


Iray for Maya features

  • A new lens for quick VR snapshot creation using the NVIDIA Iray spherical camera
  • Utilizes all supported GPUs and CPUs within the machine, with user control of resources
  • Physically based path-trace rendering within Maya's IPR window provides accurate preview of final results while adjusting scenes
  • Super-fast Iray Interactive ray tracing within Maya 2016 IPR window provides immediate feedback on object transforms and lighting edits
  • Optimized sampling for accurate caustics and highly indirect lighting
  • Accurate motion blur
  • Simultaneous render element generation with negligible speed impact
  • Custom Light Path Expressions for tremendous flexibility in post
  • Depth of Field quickly responds upon adjustment
  • Matte shadow and reflection support for compositing flexibility
  • Backplate Images supported independent of lighting
  • Degrain filter
  • Interactive updates (in IPR) upon adjusting light parameters and position
  • Image based lighting using multiple IBL nodes, for fast and flexible environments
  • New IES light type
  • Real-world units of lighting attributes for accurate simulation
  • Lighting from emissive materials & geometry
  • Physical sun and sky system
  • No slowdown from adding additional light sources
  • Interactive updates (in IPR) upon adjusting scene materials
  • Physically based materials using an intuitive layering approach leveraging the NVIDIA Material Definition Language (MDL)
  • Up to 16 layers per material for substantial flexibility
  • Extensive material flexibility, including subsurface scattering, thin film, gem, etc.
  • Work directly within Maya material editing interfaces
  • MDL material saving for building custom, shareable libraries
  • MDL import and export for sharing materials between different Iray applications or MDL compliant renderers (e.g., mental ray)
  • Direct support of Maya's UV based textures and shading networks
  • Supports native Maya Procedurals and custom MDL procedurals (always GPU accelerated)
  • Material measurements from supported devices
  • Extensive verified material library to confidently represent real-world results
  • Continual feedback with progressive rendering of final results after scene adjustments
  • Effortless switching between fast ray tracing and accurate path tracing in Maya 2016
  • Interactive tone mapping for quickly achieving desired exposure and white balance
  • Full animation support of all material and light parameters
  • MEL scripting support
  • Iray Server support for efficient, scalable offline rendering
  • Interactive Iray Server support for streaming from an external machine
  • Quadro VCA support for remote interactive rendering with linear scalability