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Quadro Success Stories
Media and Entertainment

Prime Focus Broadcast VFX team wins Emmy Award Learn more 

NVIDIA GPUs empower ZOIC Studios to build custome tools and enahance the production workflow
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One-man VFX shop uses multiple GPUs
to deliver studio-caliber work
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NVIDIA GPUs empower digital dailies for EC3  Learn more

NVIDIA Quadro is a game-changer for Swordfish
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NVIDIA ® Quadro® K4000 Helps Pixomondo Create Alien Worlds for Star Trek Into Darkness
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EFILM takes advantage of NVIDIA GPU technology to streamline the workflow.
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NVIDIA Maximus Expands Opportunities for Production Company Lightdog Films
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United Digital Production and emotion3D's Stereoscopic Suite X3 deliver a glasses-free 3D experience for Universal's "The Lorax" trailer
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NVIDIA Maximus Helps Sony Pictures Imageworks Create Smoking Fast VFX for Men in Black 3
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NVIDIA Maximus lowers Dawnrunner Productions' last-minute stress
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NVIDIA Maximus spurs dramatic changes in Digital Spatula Founder's work and life Learn more

NVIDIA Maximus propels Bandito Brothers' film post-production into real-time Learn more

"Kikoriki. The Beginning," Russia's First Stereo 3D Feature Brought to Life with NVIDIA Technologies.
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NVIDIA Revs Up SPY's VFX Engines for "Priest" Learn more

Monsters fly and bulls rampage in 3D with NVIDIA Quadro and SGO Mistika Learn more

NVIDIA Helps the Crowds Samba in Blue Sky Studios' "Rio" as the Animated Hit Comes in First at the Box Office Learn more

CNN election night coverage wins by a landslide with NVIDIA Quadro.
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3D goes live with Mediapro and NVIDIA. Learn more

DIRECTV's RED ZONE CHANNEL® Scores with NVIDIA Quadro and Hego. Learn more

Hego scores a touchdown at DIRECTV with NVIDIA Quadro.
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Unreel and NVIDIA Quadro help boost Financial news TV net worth.
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GPU Performance Changes the Game for Tigar Hare. Learn more

NVIDIA technology delivers real-time, virtual reality for the interplanetary expedition crew of Mars-500.
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Tikibot's CUDA-Charged Adobe CS5 Premiere Pro Pipeline Boosts "Salt" VFX. Learn more

From CG Wolves in "The Twilight Saga: Eclipse" to Fluid Effects for "Immortals," Quadro Enables Tippett to Work Faster. Learn more

For the "Last Airbender," ILM created Plume, built using the NVIDIA CUDA parallel computing architecture.
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Bandito Brothers harnesses NVIDIA technology to create authentic action/ adventure content.
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Rhythm and Hues Takes "Marmaduke" from the comic strip to the big screen with NVIDIA Quadro. Learn more

Fueling innovative video production with Quadro and Adobe CS5.
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NVIDIA Quadro Powers Prime Focus 3D Stereo Projection Pipeline for Clash of the Titans. Learn more

With help from NVIDIA Quadro GPUs, IRIDAS brings the power of real-time footage review to film sets.
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Delivers its largest CG production to date, Alvin and the Chipmunks: The Squeakquel with NVIDIA Quadro FX. Learn more

NVIDIA Collaborates with Weta to accelerate visual effects for Avatar. Learn more

Alamaya: Malaysia's 1st English 3D animated film, created by Shock3D. Learn more

Sony Pictures Imageworks Creates Tornado Out Of Spaghetti Sauce With The Help Of NVIDIA Technology.
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