NVIDIA 3D Vision for Quadro - Linux


NVIDIA® Quadro® professional graphics boards support many stereo display solutions and Quad Buffered OpenGL applications, including NVIDIA 3D Vision glasses and displays. Support for NVIDIA 3D Vision on Quadro graphics boards is available on Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7, Window 8 and Linux both 32 and 64 bit versions.

Windows customers click here

Supported QUADRO Boards
Professional, flicker free, stereo through the on board stereo connector
Quadro K5000 – with stereo connector
Quadro K4000 – with stereo connector
Quadro Plex 7000
Quadro 6000
Quadro 5000
Quadro 4000 – with stereo connector
Quadro Plex 2200 D2
Quadro FX 5800
Quadro FX 4800
Quadro FX 3800 – with stereo connector
Quadro FX 5600
Quadro FX 4700 X2
Quadro FX 4600
Quadro FX 3700
Quadro CX

The 3-pin mini-din to 1/8” stereo cable that comes with the 3D Vision kit must be used to connect the graphics board to the emitter. This cable provides a direct connection from the GPU to the glasses to make sure they are switching at the correct time.

Note: 3D Vision glasses kits sold in Europe and Asia do not currently contain this cable. For Europe, an upgrade kit from PNY is available (P/N: QSP-3DV-KIT) thru the Quadro channel. Please contact your Quadro distributor or contact NVIDIA support if you need more information.


Click here for the supported displays and driver versions.

  1. Attach the 3D Vision Emitter to the computer with the included USB cable
  2. Attach the 3-pin mini-din to 1/8” stereo cable to the Quadro graphics board and the 3D Vision Emitter
  3. Configure the stereo settings: See the "Stereo" X configuration documentation in the README
    for the specific options