Building a Better NVIDIA through Diversity and Inclusion

We dedicate ourselves to building a just, decent, and inclusive company. We believe it’s not enough to be a company that doesn’t oppress underrepresented communities. We must be empathetic to their experience and act to make NVIDIA a place of opportunities—a place they can do their life’s work. We do this because it is right and just, and because we believe it will help make NVIDIA better.

— Jensen Huang, CEO

We’re building a great global company that achieves extraordinary breakthroughs. We want to attract the world's best people who reflect different cultures, perspectives, and experiences to drive our innovation and creativity. This means continuously striving to ensure that every NVIDIAN has opportunities to thrive in their careers and have what they need to do their life’s work.

In our journey to build a company of opportunities, we will:
  • Make inclusion and belonging a priority focus.
  • Raise our employees’ awareness and empathy of the problems arising from social inequality.
  • Find the root cause of any systemic obstacles to an inclusive environment.
  • Develop programs for ongoing improvement.

    Our commitment to being an inclusive company drives us to seek out and welcome incredible diverse talent, earn their respect, and create a sense of fairness and belonging within NVIDIA.

    • We’re increasing the number of women, Black, and Hispanic/Latino employees at all levels of the company and working to create a more diverse Board of Directors.
    • We created a dedicated recruiting team that works to find opportunities for outstanding women, Black, and Hispanic/Latino candidates and supports them through the hiring pipeline.
    • We develop inclusive job descriptions using Textio.
    • We engage employees from underrepresented communities in technology for recruiting events and interview panels.
    • We provide hiring managers with a diverse slate of candidates to consider during the hiring process.
    • We connect candidates underrepresented in technology with a member of their community during the interview process to ensure NVIDIA is the right home for them.

    Our plan is to continually improve our strategies and processes to make an NVIDIA where everyone feels they belong.

    Our latest advances include:

    • Creating two new roles, head of Global Diversity, Inclusion & Belonging, and head of Diversity Recruiting to further the conditions that attract, support, and retain a diverse workforce.
    • Committing to pay and promotion parity among employees from underrepresented communities in technology, and having our work audited by a third party.
    • Supporting eight internal community resource groups through executive sponsorship and direct connection with our CEO.
    • Encouraging our leaders to promote diverse talent into management and executive ranks through focused development and sponsorship of employees.
    • Connecting new employees with community resource groups for onboarding and engagement.
    • Tracking promotion and turnover rates across gender, race, and ethnicity to ensure they remain equitable.
    • Incorporating inclusive principles into manager development training.
    • Providing customized learning and development to community resource groups.
    • Reviewing our engineering and other documentation to eliminate insensitive language.
    • Surveying employees to measure our progress and capture opportunities to improve.
    • Celebrating the diversity within our company by hosting special events for all employees, led by community resource groups.

    We’re committed to listening and responding to employees to deliver the right benefits for all.

    We listened to comments from our Women in Tech resource group and reshaped our parental leave program into one of the best in Silicon Valley. We partnered with our LGBTQ colleagues to provide extensive family-forming benefits, such as adoption, surrogacy, and IVF. And in response to feedback from the Black NVIDIAN Network, our health plan partner Cigna has invited Black physicians and mental health providers used by NVIDIANs to join the network. We've also provided ongoing customized mental health support, coaching, and education for the community.

    In recognition of the courage and resilience of enslaved African Americans, the company recognizes Juneteenth as a holiday for reflecting on the culture and traditions shaped by Black people in the United States.


    Our commitment to diversity extends beyond our company to include partners, organizations, and institutions.

    We’re expanding the pipeline of AI developers, from those in high school to university and working professionals.

    Our partners in these efforts include ARC Network, LatinX in AI, Queer in AI, and Rewriting the Code. We engage diverse student organizations at more than 25 university campuses, including but not limited to the National Society of Black Engineers, Society of Hispanic Professional Engineers, and Society of Women Engineers. We work with Black in AI, Black Tech Nation, Color Stack, the National GEM Consortium, and Qwasar to open up training opportunities to Black communities.

    We’ve increased our outreach to Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCUs) and Hispanic-Serving Institutions (HSIs), engaging with computer science departments around training, curriculum, and technology resources. Academic partners include the Atlanta University Center, Bowie State University, Hampton University, Howard University, Jackson State University, and North Carolina A&T University.

    We launched an immersion program for first- and second-year students at HBCUs and HSIs to motivate and encourage the continuation of computer science and engineering studies.

    We hired a head of ecosystem development focused on reaching developers at minority-serving institutions, professional organizations, and startups. This leader will help to establish relationships, develop a more inclusive and representative AI community, and grow our focus on bridging the technology and access gaps in underrepresented communities.

    We host women, Black, and Hispanic/Latino researchers at our annual GTC developers conference, providing complimentary passes, training, and networking experiences.


    At NVIDIA, we set internal goals to increase our hiring of women and underrepresented communities in technology, track our success, and make any needed adjustments to ensure a diverse, representative workforce.

    • We study our interview pipeline to ensure it includes a diverse slate of candidates.
    • We analyze compensation and performance annually to ensure parity among women and underrepresented communities.
    • We provide executives with employee composition, hiring, and retention metrics for their business units.
    • We measure how the promotion and turnover of members from underrepresented communities compares with company-wide trends.
    • We study employee survey metrics, focusing on how members from underrepresented communities view our work environment.

    We work every day to ensure accountability, transparency, and explainability in everything we do.

    Our work with scientists and engineers to create the world’s most powerful AI supercomputers has taught us a lot about what it takes to implement AI successfully, and the pitfalls along the way. We share the widespread concerns about bias and maintaining ethical practices in AI, and our global teams hold themselves to the highest standards. Read about our position on trustworthy AI in our 2021 Corporate Social Responsibility Report.


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