NVIDIA EGX Converged Accelerators

Delivering real-time AI processing and enhanced security from data center to edge.

Networking and Compute, Unified.

Part of the NVIDIA EGX AI platform, NVIDIA EGX converged accelerators combine the powerful performance of the NVIDIA Ampere architecture with the enhanced security and latency-reduction capabilities of the NVIDIA® Mellanox® SmartNIC and data processing unit (DPU) technologies. Enterprises can use EGX converged accelerators to create faster, more efficient, and secure AI systems in data centers and at the edge.

NVIDIA Ampere architecture delivers the largest-ever generational leap in performance

Unprecedented GPU Performance

The NVIDIA Ampere architecture delivers the largest-ever generational leap in performance for a wide range of compute-intensive workloads to secure and accelerate enterprise and edge infrastructure.

SmartNIC is Powered by Open vSwitch Connection Tracking and Mellanox’s ASAP2

Better with Mellanox

ConnectX SmartNICs included in NVIDIA EGX converged accelerators deliver better security (through IPsec/TLS crypto) and accelerated networking for better data protection and application performance.

Capabilities such as GPUDirect memory access, RoCE/RDMA enable faster access to data and AI query results.

NVIDIA BlueField DPU’s programmable Arm cores

Server Compatibility

With a cloud-native EGX software stack and PCIe form factor, NVIDIA EGX converged accelerators are compatible with servers from the world’s leading manufacturers, across core data center and edge environments. ConnectX SmartNIC’s in-line security and hardware offload capabilities paired with the performance of NVIDIA Ampere GPUs enable a new level of data center efficiency and security for GPU-accelerated workloads, including AI, data analytics, graphics and 5G applications at scale.


A More Powerful, Secure Enterprise

NVIDIA EGX Platform For Edge Clouding

Part of the EGX AI Platform

NVIDIA EGX converged accelerators are the latest products to join the NVIDIA EGX platform, a family of hardware and software products that deliver enhanced security and real-time AI from the data center to the edge. The EGX platform comprises an easy-to-deploy, cloud-native software stack, a range of certified servers and devices, a hybrid cloud platform for deployment, and a vast ecosystem of partners and customers who offer EGX through their products and services.

More Powerful Networking

With NVIDIA EGX converged accelerators, enterprises can benefit from the GPU and SmartNIC or DPU to build scalable, end-to-end infrastructures for modern applications. Traditionally, modern workloads and data center designs impose significant networking overhead on CPU cores. But with NVIDIA’s SmartNIC and DPU technology, EGX converged accelerators can handle virtualization faster, more efficiently, and affordably. Additionally, the SmartNIC, which is also a core component of the NVIDIA DPU, provides enhanced security to detect and block malicious activity. The SmartNIC can also inspect network traffic, block attacks, and encrypt transmissions, eliminating the need to route all incoming and outgoing data back to the CPU and across the PCIe bus.

NVIDIA’s SmartNIC and DPU Technology

Supercharge Enterprise Workloads

As enterprises move toward AI and cloud computing, a new data center architecture is needed to enable both existing and modern, data-intensive applications to be accelerated and secure on the same infrastructure. NVIDIA and its partners are leading the way. The result for our customers is better products and services delivered faster than ever to their customers, while continuing to meet operational goals of security, efficiency, and reliability.

Enhanced Security

The powerful combination of NVIDIA’s eighth-generation GPU architecture and SmartNIC or DPU creates a more secure AI processing engine, where data generated by Internet of Things (IoT) sensors can be sent across the network fully encrypted, ensuring data in transit is protected. The NVIDIA BlueField DPU includes security offloads to encrypt or decrypt at line rates of up to 200 gigabits per second (Gb/s), and GPUDirect™ transfers video frames directly into GPU memory for AI processing.

NVIDIA BlueField DPU Includes Security Offloads to Encrypt or Decrypt


NVIDIA EGX A100 PCIe converged accelerator delivers the performance, Security, and Networking

With the combination of NVIDIA Ampere architecture-based GPUs and ConnectX-6 Dx SmartNICs, the NVIDIA EGX A100 PCIe converged accelerator delivers the performance, security, and networking needs to deliver secure, real-time AI processing at the edge.

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