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Project Inspire

Giving Back to The Community
In Place of a Holiday Party

Project Inspire is a beloved tradition at NVIDIA. We use funds that would have been spent on a holiday party and invest them, instead, in community projects around the world. Employees and their families volunteer side by side with other community members to transform a local school or other nonprofit organization.

Project Inspire is one of the most rewarding ways I’ve found to give back to the community. Joining together with colleagues, family, and friends to really transform a place is a rare and special thing.
- Jason Musicer, Business Operations

Here’s what Project Inspire accomplished in 2016:

Santa Clara, California

Transformed an underserved High School

Santa Clara marked its 10th annual Project Inspire – its biggest yet - with 1,650 NVIDIANs, family members, and community volunteers. They made over San Jose’s Oak Grove High School, which serves 1,800 students. During the two-day event, volunteers used 350 gallons of paint, 3,500+ paintbrushes, and 20,000 feet of lumber to build student seating areas, revamp community spaces, upgrade the teachers’ lounge, and improve fitness facilities. Learn more.

participated in Santa Clara's
tenth annual Project Inspire

Austin, Texas

Made over an
Elementary School

Austin employees, family members, and friends beautified Guerrero-Thompson Elementary School for the office’s fourth Project Inspire event. Volunteers painted picnic tables and planted native shrubs in the garden. Teachers from the school, which serves almost 700 students, also joined the effort.

Beaverton, Oregon

Beautified an elementary
school campus

Employees in Beaverton, Ore., beautified West Union Elementary School, in the office’s fifth Project Inspire event. In addition to painting and landscaping around the campus, our volunteers removed dated computers and organized books for the under-resourced school, which serves nearly 300 students.

Berlin, Germany

Revamped a youth center

In its first Project Inspire, our Berlin office renovated Strassenkinder e.V., a local organization that supports socially disadvantaged children. Volunteers painted playground graphics, installed storage cabinets, and landscaped around the youth center. Employees also donated more than $7,000 for the organization through an office fundraiser.

Durham, N.C.

Refurbished computers
for local nonprofit

Durham employees volunteered with the nonprofit Kramden Institute to refurbish computers in the office’s third Project Inspire event. They sorted through giant cardboard boxes to organize and clean parts and peripherals. The recycled electronics were donated to schools and other groups throughout the state for people who don’t have access to home computers.

Hyderabad, India

Renovated a
primary school

In our Hyderabad office’s first Project Inspire event, NVIDIANs came together to renovate the nearby NVIDIA Government Primary School and enhance the learning environment for its 160 students. The team spent nearly 500 hours remodeling classroom interiors, beautifying the outside area, and strengthening its brickwork.

Pune, India

Improved a rural school

More than 175 Pune NVIDIANs and their family members came together to improve Chatrapati Sambhaji High School and Junior College in the office’s second Project Inspire event. Volunteers landscaped, painted, renovated classrooms, created teaching aids, and distributed geometry lessons to the school’s 1,100 students.

United Kingdom

Upgraded a facility for
disabled individuals

In a joint Project Inspire event, 50+ NVIDIANs from our three U.K. offices — Reading, Bristol, and Cambridge — renovated Purley Park Trust, which serves those with learning disabilities. Volunteers cleared paths, gardened, painted, and built outdoor furniture to create a safer, more inviting environment. Purley Park Trust runs eight care homes that provide a range of educational, social, and recreational activities.

Westford, Mass.

Spruced up a
community school

NVIDIANs from our office in Westford, Mass., gave the Bartlett Community Partnership School a makeover for the office's fourth Project Inspire event. Volunteers logged more than 600 hours painting murals, building an outdoor classroom, revitalizing the garden, and creating a maker space for the school’s more than 500 students.

Wuerselen, Germany

Renovated a youth facility

In their seventh annual Project Inspire, volunteers from our Wuerselen office helped long-time partner Maria im Tann, a group dedicated to providing support for kids with developmental challenges. They devoted 200 hours to landscaping the facility’s outdoor area and renovating one of its children’s homes. They also donated funds to support the group’s therapeutic services.