Cancer Care Grants


The NVIDIA Foundation’s Compute the Cure Cancer Care grant program awards four $50,000 grants annually to support the work of cancer-focused nonprofit organizations working in 
six areas:

Prevention | Screening | Diagnosis | Treatment | Survivorship | End-of-Life Care

Each year, we solicit proposals from nonprofits around the world. An employee review committee assesses these applications and selects a small group of finalists. All employees then have the opportunity to vote for their favorite to help us determine the four recipients.

Sustainability Foundation Cancer Care Grant Six Areas



Jacobs Heart Children's Support Cancer Foundation

Jacob’s Heart Children’s Cancer Support Services (U.S.)
Emotional support and counseling for children with cancer and their families in high-need rural areas of Central California.

Kids & Art Foundation

Kids & Art Foundation (U.S.)
Free art workshops — run by professional artist volunteers — for patients, siblings, and caregivers in the pediatric oncology waiting areas at two children’s hospitals in the San Francisco Bay Area.

LV Prasad Eye Institute

LV Prasad Eye Institute

No-cost radiation therapy and prostheses to treat underserved patients with eye cancer.

VT Seva

VT Seva (India)
Cancer awareness and screening camps in remote, low-income areas across India and Nepal.


American Cancer Society

American Cancer Society (Kenya)
Subsidized, no-cost radiotherapy treatment program helping Kenya’s most medically vulnerable cancer patients.

Children’s Cancer Research Fund

Children’s Cancer Research Fund (U.S.)
Music-therapy program to ease pain, nausea, anxiety, and other treatment-related symptoms among pediatric cancer patients at the University of Minnesota Masonic Children’s Hospital.

Pain Relief and Palliative Care Society

Pain Relief and Palliative Care Society (India)
Pain relief and end-of-life care program aimed at poor adults and children across two states in India.


Worldwide Breast Cancer

Worldwide Breast Cancer (Global)
Global #KnowYourLemons breast cancer prevention campaign to increase awareness and reduce cultural taboos and fear.


Alafia Breat Cancer Prevention

Alafia (Togo)
Breast cancer prevention program benefiting thousands of teachers, students, and community members.

Impact India

IMPACT (India)
Eight-bed intensive care unit and onsite blood lab at a pediatric oncology hospital.

Jacob’s Heart Children’s Cancer Support Services

Jacob’s Heart Children’s Cancer Support Services (U.S.)
Bicultural, no-cost service to meet the needs of the most vulnerable families of children with cancer.

Stupid Cancer

Stupid Cancer (U.S.)
Launch of a mobile app that offers a support network for patients, survivors, and caregivers across the United States.


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