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Critics of Loot Boxes highlight the perils of paywalled content. Proponents just want cool hats for their character. Dive into today's debate and more in this all-encompassing Loot Box discussion.
With top machine intelligences defeating humans at Chess, Go, and now even variants of Dota 2, AI in games is on a meteoric rise. This course examines a gaming future in which the AI of computer opponents surpasses human intelligence and leaves Pac-Man capable of escaping the ghosts all on his own.
We've heard the allegory of the cave, now explore the allegory of the cake. This course examines the philosophical underpinnings of the Portal narrative and the tragic love story of the weighted companion cube over a six-week immersive course.
While some urban planners can navigate the challenges of an earthquake or fire, only GeForce Academy students will have the foresight and decisiveness to handle meteor showers, nuclear meltdowns, and UFO attacks.
Combination lecture/discussion course. Required as preparation for graduation for all students over 25. Topics include "Turning game difficulties to "easy" because I just want the story and don't have time to replay this level 400 times", "No, I can't raid tonight, I've got work tomorrow", and "Buying a Steam library you mathematically will never have time to play".

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