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Compare NVIDIA® 3DTV Play™ and 3D Vision™

NVIDIA 3D Products

Are you unsure of which NVIDIA 3D product is right for you? Please consult the table
below for the differences between the different 3D options from NVIDIA.

  NVIDIA 3D Vision NVIDIA 3DTV Play* Blu-ray 3D
3D Glasses NVIDIA 3D Vision 3D TV Manufacturer's Glasses 3D TV Manufacturer's Glasses
3D Vision Monitor Yes    
3D Vision Notebook Yes    
3D Vision Projector** Yes    
3D Vision DLP HDTV** Yes    
HDMI 3D TV***   Yes Yes
HDMI 3D Projector***   Yes Yes
3D Gaming Yes Yes  
Blu-ray 3D movies**** Yes Yes Yes
3D Vision Photo Viewer Yes Yes  
3D Vision Video Player Yes Yes  
YouTube 3D Yes Yes  
3DVisionLive.com Yes Yes  

* NVIDIA 3DTV Play software can be activated free to all 3D Visionā„¢ PC owners. Download the latest Release 265 or higher GeForceĀ® Drivers for desktop GPUs and Release 265 or higher Verde Notebooks drivers for notebook GPUs. The 3D Vision IR emitter is required to activate 3DTV Play software on your PC.

** 3D Vision projectors and DLP HDTVs are supported using older HDMI 3D standards. They are not supported with the new frame packed 3D HDMI 3D standards.

*** HDMI 3D TVs and projectors are supported using the new frame packed HDMI 3D standards

**** Blu-ray 3D support requires the purchase of a compatible video playback software application from Corel, CyberLink, ArcSoft, or Roxio.