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To Our Stakeholders,

NVIDIA is dedicated to making a difference.

Jensen Huang, CEO, NVIDIA Corporation
Jensen Huang, CEO, NVIDIA
Jensen Huang at Voluntary Activity
Jensen and employee Rick Hyman at Project Inspire

We innovate to revolutionize computing. We work with passion. And do our very best.

Our Global Citizenship Report for 2012, the third we have produced, highlights the impact of this approach on our communities and our customers.

It begins with our products.

Kepler, our latest processor architecture, is enabling new levels of energy efficiency across the markets we serve. A thousand of the world’s best engineers worked for three years with a single vision — build a revolutionary GPU whose soul is energy efficiency. The ripple effects of their work will be profound.

Oak Ridge National Labs is using Kepler GPUs for “Titan,” the fastest supercomputer ever built, while keeping energy use in check. Researchers will use Titan to study climate change and alternative fuels. And it will be a milepost on the path to exascale computing — systems 1,000X faster than today’s that will power new scientific breakthroughs and discoveries.

On the other end of the spectrum, Tegra 3, the world’s first quad-core mobile processor, combines exceptional processing power with great battery life. It enables power-sipping mobile devices to perform more of our daily computing tasks, saving our powerful PCs for the most taxing needs.

Our focus on efficiency is also making a difference on our campuses, where we operate highly efficient data centers and conduct extensive composting and recycling programs. Newsweek recognized our efforts, naming NVIDIA 10th among the top 500 Greenest Companies in America.

NVIDIA’s passion to make a difference extends to community service. I’m especially proud of Project Inspire, a program in which we skip holiday parties and focus our resources and people on helping our communities. This year, 1,500 employees and family members volunteered more than 10,000 hours to transform Full Circle Farm — a community farm near our Santa Clara, Calif. headquarters. We expanded its facilities and growing capacity so that it could be a more efficient, self-sustaining operation. A successful life starts with healthy living. Now, more people in our community can learn to eat healthily.

Further from home, in response to Japan’s devastating earthquake and tsunami, we organized Operation Kizuna. Employees donated $2.75 million, most of which is going to help small local family businesses get back on their feet — a highly efficient form of stimulus.

This Global Citizenship Report provides details on these and other key initiatives. I hope that you enjoy learning more about NVIDIA’s commitment to make a difference in the world.


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