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Customer Support and Satisfaction

Customer satisfaction is critical to NVIDIA. Our goals are to deliver world-class quality through operational excellence and continual improvement.

To achieve these goals, we weave support into numerous aspects of our business. We manage forums where consumers can ask questions about product features. We provide custom engineering support to partners in specialized markets. We also robustly support developers who want to create innovative applications with our products (see Developer Support). And we measure customer satisfaction in several ways and use these metrics to continue providing an experience that surprises and delights our customers around the world.

NVIDIA nurtures relationships with national and international partners. Our customer support organization is on the front line of communications with them, working with partner engineering teams as they test NVIDIA products within their systems and devices. For partners who embed our chips and printed circuit boards in their products, quality is monitored through ISO 9000 certification. We engage with key partners through quarterly business reviews, which include relevant sustainability discussions.

Channel partners sell many products based on NVIDIA technology through their websites, retail stores and other outlets. Although these partners support their customers, end-users often find their way to our website, particularly those using high-end gaming systems. For example, when we know a new game is due to launch, we ensure that it’s immediately supported with the latest drivers, so that customers have a great experience from day one.

We actively educate our customers and facilitate connections among users using a variety of tools, including social media. Our team closely monitors social media sites hosted by NVIDIA and others, especially around critical launch times.

Our comprehensive customer support site, which is easily accessible from NVIDIA’s website, directs these customers to the topics they care about. Functions include live chat, an NVIDIA-hosted forum for our GeForce products, and communities that allow customers to dive deeper based on their interests.

Our support organization has taken steps to dramatically reduce the time it takes for our software team to incorporate customer feedback, enabling technicians to respond quickly and increase customer satisfaction. We also use data gathered from our customer forums to give our research and development organizations a steady stream of feedback about what is working and what improvements our customers want.

Given the extensive reach of NVIDIA support to customers all over the world, we take security concerns seriously and work to quickly evaluate and address them. When incidents are reported, we immediately go to work to analyze, validate and provide corrective actions. Our Product Security team works with engineering to provide any necessary software updates.

Customer Satisfaction
NVIDIA tracks and analyzes a variety of metrics to constantly improve our products, including:

  • Customer satisfaction rate: The number of satisfied customers compared year to year.
  • Percentage of support incidents filed: The numerical value and percentage of reports filed compared against the total number of products sold.
  • Closed incident survey response rate: Feedback from surveys presented to customers at the close of their incident ticket.
  • Referral rate: The number of customers willing to recommend NVIDIA’s products to friends and colleagues.