• 2013 CitizenShip Report
  • Social Impact on GPU
  • NVIDIA Foundation
Management and Values

NVIDIA’s strong commitment to sustainability reaches across every aspect of our business. Beyond building products that benefit humanity, we continually monitor and update our business practices as we pursue the highest operating standards.

This section of the report is organized into seven areas, as follows:

  • Economic Overview: A snapshot of key financial data for fiscal year 2013.
  • Governance and Ethics: An overview of the charters, codes of conduct and expectations we embrace as we do business.
  • Environmental Management: Details on how we strive to protect the environment in our daily operations, including our facilities, product design and supply chain.
  • Health and Safety: An outline of steps we take to provide safe and healthy workplaces for our employees around the globe.
  • Workforce: Specifics about how we recruit, retain and engage employees to maintain a high-performing culture and a happy workforce.
  • Culture and Values: Tenets governing how we work together and what we expect of each other and ourselves.
  • In the Community: Particulars about how we engage with and work to improve the communities around us.