Global Citizenship
Letter from our CEOSocial Impact of the GPUFY11 Citizenship Report

Goals and Progress

2010 Workforce Goals
Reinstate workforce training and development programs, such as tuition reimbursement, to help employees grow their technical and leadership skills
Reinstated education reimbursement and Stanford University professional development program. Made memberships accessible to IEEE and ACM.
Launch an internal job board to enhance visibility of opportunity and retain talent
Launched in Q1 2011.
Ensure that employees understand their total compensation package and our pay-for-performance culture
Launched global Compensation Training initiative to detail our comp programs and help our managers better explain them to employees. Created Compensation website (see Talent Development for details). Issued Total Pay statements to all employees and trained managers how to deliver them.
Continue our support of diversity organizations on the national level
Visited 15 universities in 2010 and added National Society of Black Engineers to the list of diversity organizations that we support

2011 Workforce Goals
Refresh Learning and Development web site
Enhance infrastructure, making content easily searchable for global employees
Offer New Manger training in APAC and India
Allows Human Resources to support growing management base in these countries
Implement Top Talent Engagement Program
Develop framework and process to focus managers more carefully on the development, engagement and retention of top talent at NVIDIA
Implement online annual feedback and development platform
Unify our processes and systems around annual performance reviews, and enable employees to access the tool for ongoing feedback and development plans