Green Initiative

  1. Overview
  2. Green Manifesto
  3. Green Tips for Attendees

I. Overview

NVIDIA invites all GPU Technology Conference attendees and partners to take part in the shared goal of minimizing our collective impact on the environment. With your help, we can make a difference in three areas:

Recycling and composting will be available in all areas of the convention center. In 2008, we were able to prevent 71% of our waste from going into a landfill, thanks to your efforts.

See more green tips section for tips on how to minimize your impact on the environment while traveling to the event and while at the event.

The vendors, exhibitors and production crews have all received a “Green Manifesto,” an agreement to look at every aspect of their participation and make it as environmentally friendly as possible.

Energy Use
The biggest impact on the environment during the conference is the energy that we will consume during the event. Steps that NVIDIA is taking to address this include:

  • Energy Efficiency – We’re taking every opportunity to reduce energy use during the event, which includes using LED lighting and shutting down the exhibit area lighting and HVAC each night.
  • Renewable Energy/Community Investment – 100% of the energy that is generated at the Convention Center is offset through PG&E’s Climate Smart program.

II. Green Manifesto

NVIDIA invites the GPU Technology Conference partners to take part in the shared goal of minimizing our impact on the environment. Below are just some of the ideas we are executing in each of the key areas of the conference.

I. Conference Organization and Planning

  1. NVIDIA will communicate to participants and presenters concrete steps they can take to minimize their impact during the event.
  2. For all goods procured for the conference, preference is given to the most environmentally appropriate alternatives that are available at a reasonable price and are locally produced.
  3. Gifts for participants are durable, useful, minimally packaged (incorporating recycled content packaging), made from non-toxic materials, and incorporate the highest practical post-consumer recycled content.
  4. Participants and exhibitors will register electronically, avoiding the use of paper.
  5. Steps will be taken to minimize environmental impact of transportation to and during the conference. We have selected a locale accessible by public transportation, and will provide easy access to public transportation schedules.
  6. Sponsors, donors and vendors are actively sought who reflect positive environmental values and practices.
  7. II. Registration

  8. Measures are taken to reduce paper waste at check-in (e.g., short registration forms, computerized systems).
  9. Reusable name tags are used and will be collected at the event venues and event hotels.
  10. Placards and banners are reusable or made from recycled materials and vegetable-based inks.
  11. III. Program

  12. Educational efforts are undertaken as part of the program to make participants aware of their environmental impacts during the conference and by the conference.
  13. Attendees are reminded of waste reduction and other environmental opportunities during the conference. For example, presenters are asked to turn off overhead and slide projectors when not in use.
  14. Recycling and composting systems are in place with convenient and well-marked receptacles.
  15. Reusable dry markers, erasable boards or blackboards, overheads, computer projectors and slides are used instead of paper flip charts. (If paper flip charts must be provided, they should be made of recyclable newsprint, with recycled content.) Presenters using these materials will ensure that they are properly recycled following their sessions.
  16. Distribution of brochures, handouts and session notes is limited to those with a genuine need or interest.
  17. Lights and equipment are turned off when not in use.
  18. IV. Food Systems

  19. Explicit effort is made to utilize food that is locally grown, organic, low in processing, and purchased in bulk.
  20. Meal choices are available for vegetarian participants.
  21. Leftovers are minimized and donated when possible.
  22. No single portion package items (ketchup, coffee, cream, sugar etc.) and no single-serve containers are used. Styrofoam service ware is prohibited, and only bio-compostable service wear is permitted.
  23. Disposable dishes, cutlery, straws, stir-sticks, napkins, etc. are not used for coffee breaks or meals. As noted above, when possible, bio-compostable service ware will be used, and composting collection facilities will be provided at the conference venue. Coffee filters are reusable cloth or steel, or unbleached recycled paper.
  24. There is a composting program to ensure that compostables generated and collected during the event are properly managed.
  25. V. Service Contractors

  26. Contractors are made aware of the green criteria and encouraged to adhere to them.
  27. The contractor's practices respect all local and national environmental legislation.
  28. Contractors make all reasonable efforts to reduce paper, energy, and water use.
  29. Any hazardous materials used are properly handled, stored and disposed of.

III. Green Tips – Attendees

Travel to GPU Technology Conference

Whether you’re flying here from Europe or driving in from the East Bay, your travel to and from the GPU Technology Conference provides a great opportunity to give back to the planet. Here’s how:

  • Carpool – If you’re traveling locally, please carpool with fellow co-workers. If you’re traveling as a group but you’re not near public transportation, consider renting from Zipcar.
  • Take public transportation or ride your bike – Downtown San Jose is a hub for trains and buses check out our Public Transportation page for details.
At The Conference
  • Low Waste Event – We are working with the Convention Center to turn every piece of waste possible into something recyclable or compostable. By minimizing the amount of waste you create and bring in to the event and by recycling, you can greatly help us in this goal.
  • Hotel Stay - For those of you staying at a hotel, please decline new towels and bed linens during your stay to reduce energy use. Unplug your phone chargers and turn off your hotel room lights when you leave for the day.
  • Minimize Waste and Recycle - Please take only what you need from exhibitors’ booths, such as collateral and giveaways that you really want.