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NVIDIA GoForce 2150

NVIDIA GoForce 2150

Handheld Graphics Processing Units (GPUs) for Advanced Handheld Devices

The digital age is everywhere, and users on the go want to be able to take advantage of it on wireless handheld devices. From digital photography to video games, handheld devices are used for a myriad of multimedia applications. Now, the NVIDIA® GoForce® 2150 handheld GPU delivers megapixel digital photo resolution, richer graphics, better image quality, and longer battery life for handheld devices. An ultra low power multimedia chip, the NVIDIA GoForce 2150 is the first product from the combined efforts of NVIDIA and MediaQ.

NVIDIA GoForce 2150 offers a host of advanced features for handheld devices, including support for 1.3-megapixel image capture, accelerated graphics for gaming, and motion JPEG capture and playback. Using dedicated hardware accelerator engines, the NVIDIA GoForce 2150 delivers exceptionally high performance for multimedia applications and drives high-resolution displays, while extending handheld battery life through a variety of unique power management techniques.

Key Features
  Megapixel Camera Support
Support for 1.3-megapixel image capture makes it possible to capture photographic quality images with your handheld device that can then be displayed on a high-resolution computer monitor and printed in a standard 4x6 inch photo size.

  Hardware JPEG Encode
A dedicated hardware engine that performs image compression and preview while providing higher performance and longer battery life. Can also operate in a continuous mode for high frame rate video capture.

  64-Bit 2D Graphics Engine 
Delivers fast performance and detailed, high-quality graphics, improving tasks like simple text scrolling, fast-motion gaming, or video playback.