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Adobe After Effects CS5.5
Create realistic motion graphics and effects, in real-time
With NVIDIA® Quadro® GPUs and Adobe® After Effects® CS5.5 software, featuring OpenGL GPU-accelerated effects, you can experience a faster, more interactive working environment saving you time and money. With Quadro solutions, you have the confidence to try different compositing effects or motion graphics until you find the perfect one that captures that epic moment.
Quadro Delivers the Ultimate Experience
Camera Zoom   Cartoon Effect   3D Animation Rendering
Camera Zoom
Zoom a camera, in a 3D space, within a composition, in real time and with true interactivity.
Cartoon Effect
Animate complex effects, like Cartoon effect, in a fraction of the time.
3D Animation Rendering
Render a 3D object with GPU acceleration, and rapidly see your results with enhanced realism.
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DH NVIDIA Quadro GPUs are designed to boost performance of Adobe Creative Suite 5.5.

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Get optimized CUDA performance with the latest NVIDIA graphics drivers.
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Adobe CS4 Learn how NVIDIA GPUs are also driving a premium Adobe CS4 experience.
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