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NVIDIA GRID - Virtual GPU Technology

Proven, Secure Productivity for All

Deliver high-performance virtual desktops and applications for mobile and office users everywhere, powered by NVIDIA GRID.


NVIDIA GRID for Mobile and Office Workers

NVIDIA GRID extends the power of NVIDIA GPU technology to deliver immersive, virtual workspaces for every user. Mobile professionals and office workers can finally enjoy virtual desktops with a high-quality user experience that’s optimized for Windows 10 and office productivity applications. It’s all the performance of a physical PC, where and when they need it.

NVIDIA GRID graphics-accelerated cloud technology also lets IT centralize apps and data, with virtual workspaces optimized for every worker. This means greater security and accessibility on any device—even smartphones and tablets.

NVIDIA GRID for Mobile and Office Workers

100% Virtualized Workspaces for Every User on Any Application

NVIDIA GRID Virtual Apps and Virtual PC provide a great user experience for every modern business application, including Outlook, Office 2016, web browsers, Adobe® Photoshop®, and the Windows 10 operating system. IT can fully reap the benefits of virtualization while ensuring that their users have the tools they need to be productive.


Key Benefits for Office Workers

NVIDIA GRID Virtual App and Virtual PC powering your virtual desktop environment means you can:

Enable "Bring Your Own Device" (BYOB) and mobility, without compromising security.
Achieve 100% virtualization of every desktop and app for every mobile and office worker.
Dramatically lower IT OPEX and focus on managing the user instead of managing PCs.
Optimize Value with NVIDIA GRID

Optimize Value with NVIDIA GRID

Virtualization lets you take advantage of unused hardware cycles to deliver graphics-accelerated virtual desktops and applications at a fraction of the cost of a physical machine.

Discover the value of NVIDIA GRID for your organization. .


Success Stories from Office and Mobile Users

See how organizations are improving virtual desktops and applications for mobile and office users everywhere, with proven performance built on NVIDIA GRID.


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