Future-Proof Your Infrastructure

Simplified management of virtualized data centers.

Management & Monitoring

Management and Monitoring

Live migration of GPU-accelerated virtual machines (VMs) gives you continuous uptime and proactive management abilities—without negatively impacting users or losing data.

Improve Business Continuity

Business Continuity and Workload Balancing

Increase utilization of data center resources by leveraging a unified, virtual GPU-accelerated infrastructure to run mixed VDI and compute workloads.

Optimal Resource Utilization

Resource Sharing and Improved Utilization

Divide GPU resources and share them across multiple VMs, or allocate multiple GPUs to a single VM to power the most demanding workloads.

Bare Metal Performance

Bare-Metal Performance

Get performance that’s nearly indistinguishable from a non-virtualized environment with flexible scheduling options.

Take a Peek Under the Hood

Take a peek under the hood.

In a virtualized environment that’s powered by NVIDIA virtual GPUs, the NVIDIA virtual GPU (vGPU) software is installed at the virtualization layer along with the hypervisor. This software creates virtual GPUs that let every virtual machine share the physical GPU installed on the server. For more demanding workflows, a single VM can harness the power of multiple physical GPUs. vGPU software includes a graphics or compute driver for every VM. Since work that was typically done by the CPU is offloaded to the GPU, the user has a much better experience. Demanding engineering and creative applications, as well as compute-intensive workloads like AI and data science, can be supported in a virtualized and cloud environment.

Explore resources to get started.

Start here for guidance on how to deploy NVIDIA vGPU technology, access tips and best practices for sizing your environment, or contact NVIDIA Enterprise Support.

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vGPU Tech Tips Playlist

Find technical “how to” videos to help you get started on your vGPU journey. View our playlist of introductory videos, installation walk-throughs, and tips for success.

vGPU Tech Tips Playlist

vGPU Deployment and Sizing Guides

Learn how to deploy NVIDIA vGPU with your hypervisor of choice. Find best practices for sizing the vGPU deployment for the applications your users need daily, or determine which NVIDIA GPU is best suited for your workload with our technical documentation.

vGPU Support Services

NVIDIA support services for vGPU software patches, updates, upgrades, and technical support. Our support portal is an easy, reliable way to access personalized, proactive support.

NVIDIA AI Enterprise

With NVIDIA AI Enterprise, enterprises access an end-to-end, cloud-native suite of AI and data analytics software that has been optimized, certified, and supported to run on NVIDIA-Certified Systems.

Read the latest news and customer stories.

Advance Workstyle Reform

Advance Workstyle Reform

“We had a telecommuting system in place, but CAD work could not be done without coming into the office, so designers were unable to use it. With the introduction of NVIDIA RTX vWS, we are no longer restricted to coming into work, and are able to schedule our day more freely.”

- Kazutaka Shimizu, Assistant Manager of ZEV B&D Lab, Toyota Motors Corporation

Connect Anytime, Anywhere

Connect Anytime, Anywhere

“One of our biggest challenges in the centre is space, which is limited in terms of health and safety regulations. The new system allows more staff to work offsite, which means we have more space available for patients.”

- Dr. Subhadip Ghosh-Ray, Consultant Head and Neck Radiologist, Lead Consultant for Information Technology, PSSC

Quickly Deploy New PCs

Quickly Deploy New PCs

“...I was able to quickly prepare and provide the environment for about 50 virtual PCs.”

 - Sho Wakamatsu, VDI Team Sub-Leader, Information System Department, Square Enix

Limitless Learning

Limitless Learning

“Without the NVIDIA GPUs, we could not run our demanding workloads or offer the classes for which they are crucial.”

- Julian Erber, DevOps Manager, Parkway School District

Learn about virtual GPU ecosystem partners.

Leverage familiar tools and choose from an ecosystem of partner solutions that offer single-pane-of-glass management of the virtualized infrastructure—from the client to the server to the GPU—and beyond.

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NVIDIA vGPU is supported with all major hypervisors to deliver accelerated compute and visually rich user experiences to virtualized environments that simplify management and increase flexibility, while maintaining data security.

Red Hat

Spin up a new virtual workstation in minutes, with access to NVIDIA GPU-accelerated instances from our cloud service provider partners.

Alibaba Cloud
Baidu AI Cloud
Google Cloud
IBM Cloud
Microsoft Azure
Oracle Cloud Infrastructure
Tencent Cloud

The NVIDIA vGPU solution is available from the top OEM server vendors and through the NVIDIA Partner Network.

Dell EMC

View the NVIDIA vGPU certified server list for full details on which OEM servers support which NVIDIA GPUs, along with the GPU density per server.

Try it for free.

Experience NVIDIA vGPU with a test drive, or register for a 90-day free trial. Simplify deployment with fully tested and certified NVIDIA EGX™ platform solutions available from NVIDIA partners.

How to buy.

Purchase the NVIDIA vGPU solution from an NVIDIA Partner Network partner. Our extensive network of trained partners can help with architecting and deploying an optimal, accelerated virtualized environment.

Explore Virtual GPU Software Solutions

NVIDIA RTX Virtual Workstation (vWS)

NVIDIA RTX Virtual Workstation (vWS)

Virtual Workstations for creative and technical professionals using graphics applications.

NVIDIA Virtual PC (vPC)

NVIDIA Virtual PC (vPC)

Virtual desktop infrastructure for knowledge workers who use office productivity applications and multimedia.

NVIDIA Virtual Applications (vApps)

NVIDIA Virtual Applications (vApps)

Application streaming with Remote Desktop Session Host solutions.

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