NVIDIA PureVideo HD Technology: For the Ulitmate HD Experience

PureVideo HD technology is the combination of drivers and a dedicated video-processing core on NVIDIA GeForce GPUs that deliver superb video quality with minimal CPU usage and low power consumption.

Whether you're watching a Blu-ray or HD DVD disc, an HD video file downloaded from the Internet, or your own HD home movie, PureVideo HD brings video to life in vivid detail with smooth playback.

Now Available on NVIDIA-based motherboards and GeForce 9 Series GPUs!

Whatever your needs are, there are NVIDIA GeForce products with PureVideo HD technology to meet them.

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Advanced home-theater PC

With dual-stream decode acceleration and advanced video post-processing capabilities like motion-adaptive de-interlacing and advanced color enhancement to deliver spectacular picture clarity and vibrant colors, NVIDIA GeForce 9 Series GPUs create the ultimate home theater platform. Learn how to build your own with our how-to guide.

Living Room PC

Equipped with PureVideo HD technology, NVIDIA GeForce 8200 motherboard GPUs allow HD movie playback without the need for an expensive CPU. Its lower cost creates a more compact, media center PC design, while offering low power consumption and quiet operation.

Additionally, many NVIDIA GeForce-based motherboards and graphics cards provide HDMI connectivity, allowing you to connect your media center PC to an HDTV using a single HDMI cable that carries both audio and video.

PureVideo HD
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