NVIDIA and VMware Enterprise GPU Virtual Workspaces


VMware and NVIDIA are working together to power the modern data center built on VMware vSphere. With support for NVIDIA virtual GPU (vGPU) software, VMware customers can GPU accelerate any workload, from virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) to AI. Our long-standing partnership extends from the on-prem data center to the hybrid cloud, from virtual machines to containers.


NVIDIA CEO Jensen Huang describes how NVIDIA brings GPU-accelerated AI to modern enterprise IT.


VMware Chief Technologist Josh Simons discusses GPU virtualization for modern workloads—high-performance computing (HPC), data science, and AI.

Transforming the Hybrid Cloud

NVIDIA and VMware are building the hybrid cloud for modern workloads by delivering GPU-accelerated services from the VMware Cloud on AWS. This solution will power enterprise applications like AI, machine learning, and data analytics workflows.


Enhanced User Experience

Significantly improve latency, bandwidth, and frames per second—while decreasing CPU utilization and increasing users per host—with VMware Horizon and NVIDIA virtual GPU with Blast Extreme acceleration.

Agile Data Center

Deliver scalable, high-performance graphics and compute with a GPU-accelerated  platform compatible with VMware management and monitoring tools Rely on VMware vRealize Operations (vROps) for insights into your GPU-powered infrastructure, and ensure high availability using VMware vMotion technology to live migrate GPU-accelerated virtual machines (VMs) with minimal end-user disruption and no data loss.

Cost-Effective, Scalable AI

Design a high-performance virtual infrastructure solution for distributed machine learning with VMware vSphere, NVIDIA Virtual Compute Server software with NVIDIA T4, and Mellanox ConnectX-5.

Get Started with Your Digital Transformation

Get a Complete VDI Solution—Fast and Easy

Dell EMC VDI Complete Solutions are end-to-end offerings that are simple to purchase, deploy, manage, and scale, with exceptional total cost of ownership. They’re consolidated VDI solutions that include Dell EMC hyperconverged appliances, VMware Horizon, and NVIDIA virtual GPU technology for superior graphics-accelerated user experiences.

Take VDI User Experience Testing to the Next Level

With design and engineering workflows becoming more complex and Windows 10 introducing new performance challenges, traditional metrics can no longer capture true user experience. Discover an alternative approach to sizing and benchmarking the VDI user experience in VMware virtualized environments with GPU accelerated Dell EMC servers and NVIDIA’s nVector benchmarking tool.


Customers worldwide are taking advantage of the NVIDIA and VMware solution to improve the end-user experience, simplify IT management, and protect their most valuable data.


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