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Be less mad (and less bad) in this critical course on multiplayer gaming that involves spending the entire semester practicing. [Students can only be accepted into this course with a referral from an online 12-year-old.]
Experience the thrills of competing on a professional esports team in our authentic semester-long team simulation. Compete in mock tournaments, learn from coaches, and test your sanity by living and gaming in a team house with the same people 24/7.
Guest lecturer "Ritter" discusses his guild's iconic assault on the Rookery and his teammate's infamous breakdown in communication that lead to their defeat. Free chicken provided.
Modern video game matchmaking is a minefield of perceived insults. A minor suggestion on someone's playstyle can be perceived as an attack on their honor, devolving the entire team to infighting. Understand and master this language for improved teamwork online with this course.
Learn how to carefully hide your smug grin as you present your disapproving parents with your first oversized check from a gaming tournament and/or sponsorship deal. Experienced instruction provided by a teenager making six figures on Twitch.
From the earliest days of multiplayer gaming, a few elite players have honed the strategy of standing still while hiding in a corner in FPS games and fragging people as they walk past. Learn these tactics in a hands-on, immersive course that invites students to actually stand still in a corner for the entire semester.

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