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To void or not to void (the warranty)? A guided debate on the merits and dangers of getting that extra performance out of your PC.
A philosophical discussion on the limits of human technology. Experienced professors invite students to imagine a distant future of supercomputing capable of running 2007's Crysis on medium settings.
What's a "cherry brown? switch" An actuation point? Should my mouse be weighted? Do I really need every peripheral to glow RGB? Get answers to these questions, and more, as you enter the modern age of peripherals with this immersive course.
Take a look back into the world of scanlines and America Online. Students will play authentic 1999 classics like EverQuest & the original Counter-Strike on the actual hardware from the era--including the world's first GPU, the GeForce 256. You've got mail!
Designing the perfect PC battlestation requires a mastery of things like airflow, cooling, and cable management. But all of that won't make jaws drop at a LAN if you can't bring it together in a stylish package. This advanced level practical course has students build (and critique) PC battlestations on both aesthetics AND operation.

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