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Apache Mesos and GPUs


Manage Accelerated Applications at Data Center Scale

The Tesla Accelerated Computing Platform now supports Apache Mesos, a popular distributed resource manager for scheduling applications across the datacenter.

Tesla GPU accelerators are native, first-class resources in Apache Mesos and the core frameworks, i.e. Marathon and Chronos. This enables a diverse set of applications to share fine-grained GPU resources while running in parallel on a common infrastructure.

Manage Accelerated Applications at Data Center Scale

Higher Application Throughput

Dynamic partitioning of GPUs ensure efficient allocation of resources per application. By delivering finer-grained GPU resources to applications, Mesos delivers higher resource utilization and faster application performance.

Operational Simplicity

GPU-accelerated applications can now be deployed on a common cluster, sharing resources with other applications, both on premise and in cloud infrastructures. This streamlines the data center operations significantly by removing the overhead of maintaining multiple, independent clusters.


High Availability

GPU-accelerated applications now benefit from built-in fault tolerance and self-healing features within Mesos, improving the overall reliability of the applications.

Popular Marathon and Chronos frameworks deliver key benefits to GPU-accelerated applications:

  • Marathon support for long-running jobs with REST APIs for starting, stopping, and scaling applications
  • Chronos support for cron-based batch jobs
  • Built-in high availability with the option to run any number of scheduler instances
  • Service discovery, load-balancing, and health checks
  • Web UI
  • Native Docker support

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