Bring Your Creations To Life Faster. NVIDIA GPUs Power The Autodesk Entertainment Creation Suite.

Accelerate 3d animation projects
with AUTODESK® MAYA® Software

Bring your imagination to life with the help of Autodesk® Maya® 3D animation, modeling, simulation, and rendering software. This advanced solution leverages NVIDIA GPU technologies to speed up even your most challenging projects.

NVIDIA GPU acceleration offers some key benefits:

  • The Maya DX11 (DirectX 11) Shader features an enhanced Viewport 2.0 that leverages NVIDIA® Quadro® graphics performance to provide a near realistic, highly interactive environment that closely matches final output.
  • NVIDIA GPUs boost Maya caching capabilities when modeling, shading, and rendering to help accelerate workflows for producing near photorealistic results.
  • Scene assembly tools and caching workflows take advantage of powerful NVIDIA GPUs to quickly load environments, characters, and complex assemblies while maintaining an interactive experience.

With NVIDIA® Mental Ray® , artists can now generate images of outstanding quality combining physically based light simulation with full programmability to let you create any imaginable visual effect.

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Autodesk MAYA


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