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NVIDIA graphics solutions let me take advantage of sophisticated engineering software without having to become a computer expert. My patients get treatments in a single visit since I can diagnose their need, produce any required restorative products, and apply them within minutes. The graphics technology not only speeds treatment, but I can offer superior solutions that extend the life of my patients’ teeth.

Dr. Frank Cervantes, DDS, Granite Bay, California

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NVIDIA Quadro delivers solutions for all professional markets, including DCC, CAD, CAE, visualization, and corporate markets.

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Sirona® CEREC 3

Traditional dental restorative treatments require at least two trips to the dentist. First, the tooth is prepared, impressions taken, and a temporary restoration applied to the tooth. The impressions are typically sent out to a lab that produces the final product. At the follow-up appointment, the temporary is taken off and the permanent restoration is completed.


The Sirona Cerec 3 solution.
When he moved to Granite Bay, California, Dr. Frank Cervantes wanted to set up his new dental practice around the latest patient conveniences, using the best restorative products and methods available today. He considered in-office dentistry systems based on CAD/CAM software and PC hardware. The computerized solutions could produce more healthful and longer-lasting restorative options—like using strong, tooth-colored ceramic materials instead of traditional metals. Dentists could use the systems to produce the required permanent restorative solutions within minutes after diagnosis. The challenge came down to the application of the new systems—was the technology practical and affordable for a dental practice and user-friendly enough for a non-engineer?


Patients may easily view
their own cases.
The Sirona® CEREC 3 solution proved to be the perfect platform for Dr. Cervantes. The PC-based solution integrates NVIDIA graphics to give him a very visually-oriented user interface and high-resolution images that can be easily interpreted with his existing expertise. The system allows him to offer his patients superior alternatives to traditional metal fillings and crowns, using ceramics that expand and contract at almost equal rates compared to tooth enamel. And the system manufactures the restoratives in minutes.


Appointment time with the doctor
is extremely efficient.

In one sitting, Dr. Cervantes can meet the needs of his patients without having to rely on an outside lab. “NVIDIA graphics helps me reduce chair-time for my patients, making for very happy patients and making it less necessary for me to pass them off to assistants and technicians during the process.”

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Images courtesy of Sirona Dental Systems.