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NVIDIA Announces Key Design Wins for RIVA TNT


ELSA and Canopus to Supply RIVA TNT Based 3D Add-In Cards for the Mainstream PC Market

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SUNNYVALE, CALIF. (June 15, 1998) NVIDIA® Corporation announced today that its RIVA TNT 3D processor has been selected by four major 3D graphics card manufacturers including ELSA AG of Aachen, Germany and Canopus Corporation of San Jose, California. These cards are expected be available later this summer. Addressing the needs of the performance mainstream graphics market, the RIVA TNT processor, with its 32-bit true color TwiN Texel multi-texturing architecture, delivers two pixels-per-clock performance and is designed to provide consumers with a stunningly realistic 2D and 3D graphics experience. With its ability to sustain exceptionally high fill rates into a 16MB frame buffer, the RIVA TNT processor allows highest resolutions and color depths yielding real-time interactivity up to 1600x1200 resolution. In addition to delivering astonishing quality, the RIVA TNT is designed to provide the industry's highest 2D/3D graphics performance and essential multimedia features in one processor.

"NVIDIA has enjoyed its success through our strategic alliances with leading graphics card manufacturers. ELSA and Canopus are well known for driving graphics performance in the mainstream PC markets worldwide," said Jen-Hsun Huang, president and CEO of NVIDIA. "We believe the selection of the RIVA TNT is an important step in raising the standard for 3D performance and quality for mainstream computing."

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