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NVIDIA's RIVA TNT Is the Fastest PC Graphics Processor


New Mercury Research Data Reports RIVA TNT has World's Fastest 3D and 2D Performance

For Immediate Release - September 3, 1998
SUNNYVALE, CA - September 3, 1998 - NVIDIA Corporation announced today that the RIVA TNT ranked first on the 3D and 2D benchmark tests conducted by Mercury Research Inc . of Scottsdale, AZ, an industry leading research and consulting firm. Both the 2D and 3D benchmark results were the highest graphics scores ever reported by Mercury Research. The testing was done for Mercury Research's third-quarter supplement of PC Graphics Chip Sets and Technologies '98, a quarterly market strategy and forecast report. The test results validate NVIDIA's claim that the RIVA TNT, which shipped to retail this week, delivers the industry's best 3D and 2D graphics processing performance.

"NVIDIA is focused on providing users with a stunning visual experience by delivering processors that couple the best quality with the highest performance," said Dan Vivoli, vice president of product marketing at NVIDIA. "Setting new records for 3D and 2D performance speaks to the total commitment that went in to making the RIVA TNT a ground-breaking product."

Leadership Performance
In this supplemental report, Mercury Research reported the top performing 3D and 2D processors on the market using Microsoft's new DirectX 6.0 release. In the 3D benchmark results, using Ziff Davis WinBench 98, NVIDIA's RIVA TNT set a new high score and outperformed the nearest competitor by almost 30 percent. In the 2D benchmark results, RIVA TNT tied for first with the highest 2D score ever reported by Mercury Research, using Ziff-Davis 2D WinBench 98. The testing platform for this data series was an Intel Pentium-II 400 MHz CPU running on an Gigabyte GA-686BX motherboard (440BX chip set). For more information, go to

NVIDIA's RIVA family of 3D processors, the RIVA 128 , RIVA 128ZX and forthcoming RIVA TNT, are the first 128-bit 3D processors to deliver leadership Direct3D performance to the mainstream PC market. The RIVA processor family is designed to deliver stunningly realistic, high frame rate 3D, along with benchmark winning 2D, VGA and video acceleration all in single chip iterations. The RIVA processors are optimized for both Direct3D and OpenGL.

NVIDIA Corporation
NVIDIA Corporation designs, develops, markets and sells high-performance 3D processors for personal computers. New corporate headquarters are in California: NVIDIA Corporation, 3535 Monroe Street, Santa Clara, CA 95051, (408) 615-2500, (408) 615-2800 (fax).