Linux Display Driver


Version:  1.0-2313
Release Date: 11/29/2001

Release Highlights for 1.0-2313:

  • nForce 220D/420/420D Integrated GPU support (see products supported list)
  • OpenGLĀ® 1.3 with NVIDIA extensions
  • Support for accelerated offscreen rendering via SGIX_pbuffer and SGIX_fbconfig extensions
  • Improved Viewperf and Quake performance
  • Enhanced mobile support
  • Improved AMD support
  • Performer mulit-threaded support
  • 2314 files fix install issues and are fully compatible with the GLX 2313 files

To download and install the drivers, follow the steps below:

STEP 1: Review the NVIDIA Software License. You will need to accept this license prior to downloading any files.

STEP 2: Review Documentation
README - Text Version or PDF Version

STEP 3: Download the Driver
You must download 2 files: a GLX driver file and a kernel driver file. The version of these files must match.

STEP 3A: Download GLX Driver File
An RPM file is provided for your convenience. If your distribution does not support RPM's then please use the tar file. Also a source RPM is provided for those interested. If you are using SuSE, you can download one of these GLX rpm's or one of the GLX rpm's provided by SuSE (see below).

File Description GLX Driver File MD5 Sum
GLX RPM NVIDIA_GLX-1.0-2313.i386.rpm 74c0709feb6d062559b11c8aa21b8a31
GLX SOURCE RPM NVIDIA_GLX-1.0-2313.src.rpm ac95440c97cf66446da40d1ece39cf88
GLX Tar File NVIDIA_GLX-1.0-2313.tar.gz 511f76c01d83cae0917088bdda8a4bc6

Download Alternatives: FTP1, FTP2

STEP 3B: Download Kernel Driver File
If you are using one of the distributions listed below you can simply download the appropriate file and install it. If you are using a distribution or kernel version that is not listed, or if you have an updated or non-default kernel, you must build the kernel module. If your distribution does not support RPMs please use the tar file provided. If you are unsure of which file you need please download and run NVchooser.


Kernel Supported Kernel Driver File MD5 Sum
RedHat 7.2 UP Kernel i386 Architecture NVIDIA_kernel-1.0-2313.rh72up.i386.rpm a34d6c048573fae648f8e82b316e0c5f
RedHat 7.2 SMP Kernel i686 Architecture NVIDIA_kernel-1.0-2313.rh72smp.i686.rpm cc199b6baea76721b753626d98135c5e
RedHat 7.2 Enterprise Kernel i686 Architecture NVIDIA_kernel-1.0-2313.rh72enterprise.i686.rpm 500f94e488e36585c97aa642accb30e0
RedHat 7.2 UP Kernel i686 Architecture NVIDIA_kernel-1.0-2313.rh72up.i686.rpm 412a65f94eaeeae422aab1815187005f
RedHat 7.2 UP Kernel Athlon Architecture NVIDIA_kernel-1.0-2313.rh72up.athlon.rpm 372d09d4c53ab94f29531b66a8dde136
RedHat 7.2 SMP Kernel Athlon Architecture NVIDIA_kernel-1.0-2313.rh72smp.athlon.rpm c0750342d5674bbee0f7eac1beccb251
RedHat 7.2 updated to 2.4.9-13 UP Kernel i386 Architecture NVIDIA_kernel-1.0-2313.rh72up_2.4.9_13.i386.rpm b50ea7f0d2018bd7f738cbf3dd7fb3db
RedHat 7.2 updated to 2.4.9-13 SMP Kernel i686 Architecture NVIDIA_kernel-1.0-2314.rh72smp_2.4.9_13.i686.rpm 6cb5c7d224a72dd7a9acc53fb54259c9
RedHat 7.2 updated to 2.4.9-13 Enterprise Kernel i686 Architecture NVIDIA_kernel-1.0-2314.rh72enterprise_2.4.9_13.i686.rpm 79be7c2285e0e3b5b7ef60b054b169d3
RedHat 7.2 updated to 2.4.9-13 UP Kernel i686 Architecture NVIDIA_kernel-1.0-2313.rh72up_2.4.9_13.i686.rpm b15cb2e1441d00ba50214fe7f6108001
RedHat 7.2 updated to 2.4.9-13 UP Kernel Athlon Architecture NVIDIA_kernel-1.0-2313.rh72up_2.4.9_13.athlon.rpm 201bc89d3c95ade5c9f356fb8b6fe31e
RedHat 7.2 updated to 2.4.9-13 SMP Kernel Athlon Architecture NVIDIA_kernel-1.0-2314.rh72smp_2.4.9_13.athlon.rpm 2ad61f63351e0fda8d6a277c4cee580e
RedHat 7.1 UP Kernel NVIDIA_kernel-1.0-2313.rh71up.i386.rpm 0626afdfd658a190cb7a2d1735c9420a
RedHat 7.1 SMP Kernel NVIDIA_kernel-1.0-2313.rh71smp.i386.rpm 47cede8e01eae6424f38fb6dd94a86b4
RedHat 7.1 Enterprise Kernel NVIDIA_kernel-1.0-2313.rh71enterprise.i686.rpm 947080c628da7cd10d1070b8ae801ead
RedHat 7.0 UP Kernel NVIDIA_kernel-1.0-2313.rh70up.i386.rpm faeb11b5a13d6e071badb0d6e7bef392
RedHat 7.0 SMP Kernel NVIDIA_kernel-1.0-2313.rh70smp.i386.rpm 9546f955d8dbd803f32fefcd704045f4
RedHat 6.2 UP Kernel NVIDIA_kernel-1.0-2313.rh62up.i386.rpm 1458e564add8c5ca4459fbfc08159119
RedHat 6.2 SMP Kernel NVIDIA_kernel-1.0-2313.rh62smp.i386.rpm 38aa7638b7565dadb870441024349b34
RedHat 6.1 UP Kernel NVIDIA_kernel-1.0-2313.rh61up.i386.rpm 1324cf5b31ccc62f0d59f9aebc9e89b6
RedHat 6.1 SMP Kernel NVIDIA_kernel-1.0-2313.rh61smp.i386.rpm be5239c497d4b41b13be42ed91671434


Kernel Supported Kernel Driver File MD5 Sum
Mandrake 8.1 UP Kernel NVIDIA_kernel-1.0-2313.mdk81up.i686.rpm 885197bdf4ba08d65d698fea7d8a3b0b
Mandrake 8.1 SMP Kernel NVIDIA_kernel-1.0-2313.mdk81smp.i686.rpm 0fca4995839449ed973e2a7e3035a242
Mandrake 8.1 Enterprise Kernel NVIDIA_kernel-1.0-2313.mdk81enterprise.i686.rpm 1539c5483debe0ff808ebdf8066e2d54
Mandrake 8.0 UP Kernel NVIDIA_kernel-1.0-2313.mdk80up.i386.rpm 731a921e1a17c5e472305d839c1726cc
Mandrake 8.0 SMP Kernel NVIDIA_kernel-1.0-2313.mdk80smp.i386.rpm e91162dc3fe93700b1e6dad5bcdc4102
Mandrake 8.0 Enterprise Kernel NVIDIA_kernel-1.0-2313.mdk80enterprise.i686.rpm a56974901649f4f39116acaff03b094d
Mandrake 7.1 UP Kernel NVIDIA_kernel-1.0-2313.mdk71up.i386.rpm 2981b89b0ed2fbffbe2ea642c034dd7c
Mandrake 7.1 SMP Kernel NVIDIA_kernel-1.0-2313.mdk71smp.i386.rpm 3c397570e910f8df5acd4eb1f422c2e6

(Updated to work with SuSE Kernel Update 2.4.16)

SuSE Distribution Driver Files MD5 Sum
SuSE 7.0 NVIDIA_GLX-1.0-2313.suse70xf86-4.0.2.i386.rpm 99b21c742d5e9d86a96a8bbb5172f288
(XFree86 >= 4.02) NVIDIA_kernel-1.0-2313.suse70xf86-4.0.2.i386.rpm 950047e0d7d47fa8f8349d94e9bd61a4
SuSE 7.1 NVIDIA_GLX-1.0-2313.suse71.i386.rpm 08ca083dfceb7ba46fc25d69a1dd9be7

NVIDIA_kernel-1.0-2313.suse71.i386.rpm a319e43c224298b93d051a92391410d3
SuSE 7.2 NVIDIA_GLX-1.0-2313.suse72.i386.rpm 61d8290bef6e08ad3a8eb28a14861687

NVIDIA_kernel-1.0-2313.suse72.i386.rpm aefc186cedc491e4b82695afa796c72a
SuSE 7.3 NVIDIA_GLX-1.0-2313.suse73.i386.rpm d426ee7f0bb5e75ed2a94eb30ff6a3c1

NVIDIA_kernel-1.0-2313.suse73.i386.rpm 524828960d895be79882ed57170df72d


Kernel Supported Kernel Driver File MD5 Sum
Kernel Source RPM NVIDIA_kernel-1.0-2314.src.rpm dec2ff49cb327636726d9fd0eae8bf66
Kernel Tar File NVIDIA_kernel-1.0-2314.tar.gz b28cd88d2cb9ef36536fa1e2a5d5cafe

STEP 4: Check dependencies
The dependencies are listed in the README. It is important to note that the NVIDIA driver set requires XFree version 4.0.1 or greater. If this is not available on your linux distribution, please go to the XFree86 web site (

STEP 5: Install
See the README (text or PDF) for detailed installation instructions. If you have any questions or problems, please check the linux discussion forum. If you don't find an answer to your question there, you can send email to