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Ultimate Case Mod Challenge Official Results

With almost $10,000 in cash and hardware up for grabs, this years Ultimate Case Mod Challenge at NVISION 08 was the modding contest to be at. The amount of amazing talent on display this year proves that. Everyone from the judges to general admission attendees was just so impressed with the display of creativity and craftsmanship from the modding community. I’d like to thank CPU Magazine and, most importantly, the modding the community for helping make the first Ultimate Case Mod Challenge such a success!!!

Don’t forget to check out the November issue of CPU Magazine for additional coverage of the Ultimate Case Mod Challenge and NVISION 08.

Without further adieu, here are the semi finalists and winners of this years Ultimate Case Mod Challenge.

…Chiaro Scuro” by Nicholas Falzone …Cinematograph HD” by Will Urbina …Obelisk” by Chris Hayward
…Overkill” by Jeremiah Avery …Sentry Gun” by Ton Khowdee …Spinner” by Anthony Reynolds
3rd Place …Battlestar Gallactica” by Brian Carter 2nd Place …Rogue” by Craig Brugger

And this year’s Ultimate Case Mod Challenge Winner:

…Blue Pearl” by James Haladus …Blue Pearl” by James Haladus …Blue Pearl” by James Haladus
…Blue Pearl” by James Haladus …Blue Pearl” by James Haladus …Blue Pearl” by James Haladus
…Blue Pearl” by James Haladus …Blue Pearl” by James Haladus …Blue Pearl” by James Haladus
…Blue Pearl” by James Haladus …Blue Pearl” by James Haladus

System Specs:

  • Tagan Black pearl full tower case
  • EVGA 790 Ultra SLI motherboard
  • (2) EVGA GTX 280’s in SLI
  • Intel E8400 CPU @ 4.4 GHz
  • 4 GB Corsair DDR3 1333 MHz ram
  • EK water cooling blocks for CPU, graphics cards and motherboard
  • Danger Den hard drive liquid cooling blocks and dual reservoir tanks
  • (2) Black Ice GTX radiators
  • (2) Swiftech mcp355 pumps
  • Sony blue ray ROM
  • Two 400 GB Maxtor and one 500 GB Seagate HD’s
  • 1200 Watt Thermaltake power supply

Here’s a sample of some of the pieces that were either modified or custom fabricated:

    - Frame to hold the pumps, radiators, hot-swap drives, and power supply.
    - Tinted acrylic windows for the top, front, and side of the case.
    - Side brackets for the doors.
    - Front bay holders to support dual reservoir tanks and water cooled HD’s.
    - Legs made out of aluminum with nylon inserts.
    - Vent cut outs and wire mesh for the radiators.
    - Automotive paint throughout the entire mod.

Pretty the only thing left stock was the motherboard tray with every modded piece being done to perfection.

Congratulations James on winning this year’s contest!

Again I’d like to thank all the modders who participated in this years contest. We’ve gotten a lot of great feedback on this year’s event and we’ll be looking at to make next year’s event even better! Thanks again and we’ll see you next year!

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