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The Great Big Visual Computing Show

What do NASCAR Racers, physicists, astronauts, MythBusters, and guys with names a like “D34th R41n3r” and “FROSTBEULE” all have in common? They were all at the first annual NVISION 08 conference, along with 9,000 other people.

We hope you were able to join us in the inaugural year of NVISION, the first-of-its-kind visual computing mega-event. It brought together thousands of top visual computing professionals and companies, world-class gamers, innovative artists and designers, and cutting-edge researchers to share their ideas, experiences, and passions. And it helped introduce many consumers to the exciting world of visual computing.

Highlights Included:

  • Defining the Visual Computing space and showing compelling examples.
  • Workshops to learn to make better pictures and videos and optimize PC hardware.
  • A Guinness World Record was set for the longest non-stop LAN party.
  • Electronic Sports World Cup grand finals -the best videogamers in the world battled it out.
  • The largest Demoscene in the U.S. for this highly creative community.
  • Technical Conference tracks focusing on visualization, parallel processing, game development, and more.
  • Emerging Companies Summit highlighting some of the up-and-coming companies in Visual Computing.
  • Inventors and TV personalities Jamie Hyneman and Adam Savage painted the Mona Lisa in 80ms - with paint balls!

Whether you were able to join us this year or not, check out the highlights from each day at the nearby links.

We hope to see you at NVISION 09. Details will be posted soon.

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