NVIDIA at RecSys 2022

Sept 18–23, 2022

Join NVIDIA at the 16th annual ACM Conference on Recommender Systems (RecSys 2022) to see how new research results, methods, libraries, and techniques in the broad field of recommender systems are driving our future. We’ll feature our own virtual theater with speakers from a variety of leading industries and domains, along with demos, related content, and more.

Virtual Theater

Hear from industry leaders, data scientists, and engineers as they explain their groundbreaking work for building, training, optimizing, and deploying recommender systems. Tune in during the week of September 18 to watch short, on-demand talks at your own pace.

 Virtual Theater - On-demand Talks at your place

Top Recommender System Resources



Learn about NVIDIA Merlin, an open source framework for building recommender systems. Merlin empowers data scientists, machine learning engineers, and researchers to build high-performing recommenders at scale.

Reduce model development friction with Merlin Models

Reduce Model Development Friction

With the Merlin Models library, access common architectures that can be coupled with different prediction tasks, loss functions, and negative sampling strategies to ease development and deployment.

Four stages of recommender systems

Recommender Systems, Not Just Recommender Models

Read about a four-stage design pattern that builds understanding and consensus about what recommender systems (not just models) look like in production.

2nd Annual Recommender Systems Summit 2022

NVIDIA Recommender Summit 2022

During this NVIDIA AI online event, join fellow data scientists and engineers from Netflix, Twitter, NVIDIA, and more to discuss learnings and best practices on building and deploying effective recommender systems.

Sequential and Session-Based Recommendation

Sequential and Session-Based Recommendation

In this blog, we cover sequential and session-based recommendation tasks, including why it’s important and practical use cases. We also provide a brief overview of our Transformers4Rec solution.

 NVIDIA Wins RecSys Challenges

NVIDIA Wins RecSys Challenges

Industry challenges help advance the recommender system field for everyone. NVIDIA’s wins are fueling ideas for new techniques into recsys frameworks like NVIDIA Merlin.

HugeCTR TensorFlow Plugin

HugeCTR TensorFlow Plugin Technical Blog

NVIDIA Merlin™ optimized embedding implementation is up to 8x more performant than other frameworks’ embedding layers and is available as a TensorFlow (TF) Plugin. It works seamlessly with TF and as a drop-in replacement for native TF embedding layers.

Recommender Systems Best Practices

Recommender Systems Best Practices

Read about the latest trends for recommender system practices within industry. The whitepaper includes insights from industry leads from companies such as Tencent, Meituan, Wayfair, Magazine Luiza, The New York Times, and more

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