Annual Report: Project Inspire


Project Inspire is a beloved tradition at NVIDIA. More than a decade ago, we decided to forgo a holiday party and instead invest the funds we would’ve spent (and even more) in community projects around the world. Employees and their families volunteer side by side with other community members to bring new life to local schools and other nonprofit organizations.

Project Inspire is one of the most rewarding ways I’ve found to give back to the community. Joining together with colleagues, family, and friends to really transform a place is a rare and special thing.

- Jason Musicer,  Business Operations


Created a Sustainabile School Garden in Austin, Texas

Created a Sustainable School Garden


As part of our Austin office’s fifth Project Inspire event, staffers built a sustainable garden for Pecan Springs Elementary School. Joined by family and friends, volunteers also revamped outdoor play areas. The school will use the garden to improve science education and provide fresh produce for low-income families.

Renovated a Local School in Bangalore, India

Renovated a Local School


Employees in Bangalore refurbished and repaired Hegde Nagar School for their third Project Inspire. During this two-day event, volunteers painted murals, built benches, fixed fences, and landscaped the campus, which serves more than 1,300 students.

 Beautified a Local High School in Beaverton, Oregon

Beautified a Local High School


NVIDIANs in Beaverton spruced up Aloha High School in the office’s sixth annual Project Inspire. In addition to prepping and painting hallways and removing graffiti, our volunteers power-washed around campus and improved the main athletic field’s press box and restrooms at the under-resourced school, which serves more than 2,000 students.

Revitalized a Youth Center in Berlin, Germany

Revitalized a Youth Center


In their second Project Inspire, NVIDIANs in Berlin supported Strassenkinder e.V., a nonprofit serving socially disadvantaged children. Volunteers refurbished the playground and landscaped the grounds for the organization’s youth center. Staffers also donated more than $5,800 to the charity.

Revamped a School for the Disabled in Courbevoie, France

Revamped a School for the Disabled


In their third Project Inspire, employees in Courbevoie supported Center Franchemont, a local school for students with learning and medical disabilities. Volunteers refurbished window blinds and painted walls, shelving, and furniture to improve a classroom. They also repainted the school cafeteria, repaired furniture, and installed storage throughout the school, which serves nearly 70 children.

Refurbished Computers for Local Nonprofit in Durham, North Carolina

Refurbished Computers for Local Nonprofit


NVIDIANs in Durham applied computer smarts to their fourth Project Inspire. Partnering with the nonprofit Kramden Institute, volunteers refurbished computers for donation to students, schools, and other groups throughout the state who don’t have access to a home computer.

Improved an Elementary School in Hsinchu, Taiwan

Improved an Elementary School


For their inaugural Project Inspire, volunteers in Hsinchu built an outdoor classroom at Tainan Zuojhen Elementary School in southern Taiwan. Wearing hard hats and safety harnesses, employees used power saws to cut wooden planks and ropes to pull the frame together. The structure will be used to host classes and workshops for the school’s more than 110 students.

Overhauled a Local High School in Pune, India

Overhauled a Local High School


NVIDIANs in Pune made over a high school in their third Project Inspire event. Employees scrubbed, sanded, and painted window shutters, doors, and benches at the nearby Shri Chatrapati Sambhaji High School. Volunteers also painted classrooms, muraled communal areas, and refurbished hundreds of desks, which will be used by the 400 students attending the school.

Updated a Children's Home in Taipei, Taiwan

Updated a Children's Home


Employees in Taipei supported the Reindeer Children’s Home in Taoyuan City for their first Project Inspire. Volunteers created a warm and inviting environment for the 100 children living at the home by building shelving, rearranging furniture, and painting walls with colorful murals.

Upgraded a Facility for Disabled Children in the UK

Upgraded a Facility for Disabled Children


In a joint Project Inspire, nearly 60 NVIDIANs from our three U.K. offices — Bristol, Cambridge, and Reading— renovated Newbury Riding for the Disabled, which offers riding lessons to children. Volunteers repaired outdoor field shelters and sheds and painted fencing, gates, stables, and walls.

Spruced Up a Community School in Westford, Massachusetts

Spruced Up a Community School


Our Westford office partnered with the nearby Bartlett Community Partnership School for their fifth Project Inspire event. Volunteers built benches and shelving, painted murals, and landscaped outdoor spaces at the school, which serves 500 students. The office also donated two NVIDIA Jetson TX1 SE kits to help students gain first-hand experience for robotics projects.

Upscaled a Youth Facility in Wurselen, Germany

Upscaled a Youth Facility


In their eighth annual Project Inspire, employees in Würselen supported long-time partner Maria im Tann, a group dedicated to providing support for kids dealing with developmental challenges. Volunteers spent nearly 200 hours landscaping, building a barbeque and terrace, sanding and staining tables, refurbishing garden furniture, and stripping, sanding, and painting railings. In addition, employees donated more than $5,000 to support the group’s therapeutic services.